Sometimes it might seem like it’s the coders who are going to inherit the Earth in our ever-more advanced world of technology. So that leaves a lot of people with a keen interest in the field out in the cold – or does it?

In fact, there are plenty of worthwhile and rewarding openings for people with a wide range of skills. Sure, you won’t be writing the code but what you could be doing will be just as valuable.

User Interface Designer

While it’s the coding that’s going to make the software work, let’s not forget that in most cases human beings are the ones who will be using it. So, they need it to look good and be intuitive to find their way around. This means that there’s always a need for good user interface design, whether this is for a business or leisure program.

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So, you might work for some accounting software that needs to look a little less daunting than usual or it could even be an online casino website. These are all about creating an appealing online casino game site that may have to include a wide number of games – from slots to roulette to blackjack. And the way to attract new players, and to keep them, will be to make every page on the site look as good, and as on-brand, as possible. It all adds up to a job that involves a fair amount of creativity as well as technical knowledge.

Software Quality Tester

This might not be one of the most competitive jobs in tech, but it’s certainly one of the most rewarding.

It’s also particularly suited to people who want to dedicate their time to find some chinks in the coder’s Armor. After all, even the best constructed and carefully coded pieces of software are going to include at least a few glitches.

As a software quality tester, it will be your job to work across a number of scenarios subjecting the program in question to challenges to assess its functionality, stress resistance, and scalability. It’s closely related to quality assurance engineering but it’s a more hands-on activity. Plus, it carries with it a great deal of job satisfaction knowing that you’ve actively participated in creating a product that is 100% fit for purpose.

Growth Hacker

This is one kind of hacker that the tech world welcomes with open arms. It’s a job that is closely related to marketing as its overall purpose is to achieve user acquisition. Using a variety of techniques, and analyzing their success in the process, it’s a job where you’re always learning, and always developing new strategies. So, if you’re the sort of person who relishes a challenge where constant readjustment is needed and is pretty much 100% results-based, then this could be the career for you.

These are just three of the many jobs out there that could let you get into tech. The secret is just having a passion for the subject – and making sure it comes over loud and clear in the interview.