When it comes to your Xbox profile, Gamertags play an important role. Hence, it becomes quite mandatory to pick the right and a bit exciting username for your Xbox Gamertag. And the plus point here is that you can change your Xbox Gamertag anytime you want, there’s no limitation on it. This flexibility is especially beneficial when finding new gaming names for your Xbox profile.

So, if you’re looking for a list of good Xbox names, cool Xbox usernames, or maybe some robot names for your Xbox profile then, you may be glad to know that you landed at the right place for it. 

Here I have accumulated all the Xbox Gamertag names, ranging from good xbox names and clever Xbox Names to cool xbox gamertags and the best Xbox gamertags for you. This compilation helps you pick the right and most suitable names for your next game. But first, let’s take a look at what is the process of changing the name on Xbox. 

How to Change Your Name on Xbox?

Changing or updating your name on Xbox is pretty simple and straightforward. Just keep in mind that to change your Xbox Gamertag, you will have to pick a name with a maximum of 12 characters. Here’s how to do that:

  • Press the Xbox button and visit the settings section on it. 
  • There, click on Personalize
  • Then, click on the ‘My Profile” option and begin to customize your profile. 
  • Click on the Gamertag to change your Xbox name.
  • Enter your new Xbox Gamertag username and click on Save

Note – The first time you change your Xbox Gamertag username, you won’t be asked for any fees, but the second time you will have to pay $9.99.

How to Choose the Right Xbox Gamertag?

Here are some tips that will help you pick the right Xbox Gamertag names:

  • Try to pick something that represents your personality, you can pick something unique but make sure it represents you. 
  • You can use your name’s initials or even your favorite character’s. 
  • You can be as innovative as you want; after all, it’s your wordplay. 
  • Always keep the character limit in your mind. 
  • Try to avoid offensive and abusive language; it may sound cool to you but might be offensive to some. 

So these are some tips that may help you pick the right username for your Xbox Gamertag. Let’s now have a look at some Xbox name lists, similar to browsing through a variety of options for the best and funny steam names. Here, I have made numerous lists of good Xbox names for girls, Xbox names for boys, funny Xbox Gamertags, and many others. 

Cool Xbox Gamertags Names

Cool Xbox Gamertags Names
TheRetr0KidCool troller Snake eyes 
emptym1ndGoldenk1ng Chilling 
Clown R1 racer RageRobot 
XboxMast3r Toxicity Gam3rific 
Snipp3r deathOps Murderer 
Greenleteren Gaminggeek Gangsta rap
Big boss Serial kill3r Serial chiller
Psychoclown Annabelle Avenger 
Thunder Bolt White Wolf Punisher 
Vape LordGod of warStormer 
Hell’s angelFrost queenEclipse 
Ruthless Warrior prince Hellfire 
Hella Phoenix Black widow 

What Are the Tips for Choosing a Cool Xbox Gamertag?

Picking a cool Xbox name is all about showing who you are (your personality) and making a name people won’t forget (your memorable gaming identity). So, being creative and unique is the key to creating cool and good Xbox names. For that—

  • Combine words, symbols, and numbers.
  • Use your favorite characters, hobbies, or interests for inspiration.
  • Experiment with alliteration, puns, or references from pop culture.
  • Keep it simple for easy remembering and reading.
  • Steer clear of offensive or controversial that might cause objections or controversy.
  • Research existing usernames for ideas, but make sure your choice is unique.
  • Consider your gaming style or persona for a personalized touch.
  • Test the name’s availability and readability across various games. 

Xbox Names for Boys

Xbox Names for Boys
Terminator Soldier Devil Driver 
Not so boring Psychoninja The Hulk 
Blade Runner Mega Destroyer Traitor 
Brutus Your Knight Prince charming 
Evil genius Master of disaster Death warrant 
Dead on arrival Nuclear winter Cold-blooded 
Lord of drinks Grim reaper Evil prince 
Bad soldier Tortured soul Prince of lies 
Netflix and kill Death shadow Skull trooper 
Dragon Born Rider The white wolf 
The night king Storm bringer Ruler of hell 
Vampire Slayer Fortunate 
Angel of warDemon hunter Red devil 

Good Xbox Names For Girls

Good Xbox Names For Girls
Roses 4 ever Gamergrll Foxy roxy 
Pink glitter Queen of GGVitamin She
Doglover Crazykween Rosieee 
She-wolf Scary skulls Lady Lithium 
Keyboard beeCherry bomb Kill like a grll
Soul collector Huntress Mistress 
MsEvil Wicked witch Voodoo queen 
Curse breaker Dangerous curves Lady justice 
Naughty nurse She-Hulk Cutie Patootie 
Black widow Sugar & spice Purrfection 
Pink ranger Sweet revenge Pink ribbon 
Ginger spice Lady slayer Kitty cat 
Sassy girl Cutie pie Disco diva 

Unique Xbox Names

Unique Xbox Names
G33k God Vampire ninja Terror H4wk
Chaos rey Wild C4rds Purple R4nger 
N3onT1gerz Mad hacker Chill mast3r
Tecno MageCypher king Dr4gon 
K1ngzzzButterfly effect Spenc3r 
Space cowboy Psychic reader  Electric eye 
Bear Grylls Intergalactic Apex predator 
Avengers Grim reaper Blinking eyes 
Raven eye Killer instinct Throne of games 
Dorothy Notorious Great destroyer 
The riddler Eclipses Poison ivy 

Funny Xbox Gamertags

Funny Xbox Gamertags
NoobDaddy One-eyed guy MrBadGuy 
PowerN00b Captain slow BB cheese 
MrBadLuck Vanilla bread Easy cheesy 
Loud mouth Big mouth Simpson 
Simp 4 USexy Goku Butter balls 
MasterLuser Salty penguin Poppy panda 
Cute buy psycho Lazy bones Fart machine 
Smelly socks Bombastic Master of dirt 
Am I high? The wolfie Salty tears 
Vanilla ice I hate noobs End of days 
Bot killer Wizard Dabbing skeleton 

Perfect Xbox Usernames 

Perfect Xbox Usernames
Beast mode on Daddy motion King of kings 
Ultimate gamer Danger joker Ghost rider 
The pyro king Ghost assassin Skull slayer 
Reaper rogue Cute but deadly Probably cheating 
Ninja warrior Tom rider Superman gamer 
Space trooper Sniper Wonder woman 
Death dealer Sinister Reaper 
Lord of Darkness Scary killer Death’s shadow 
Demon hunter Vampire slayer Dark avenger 
Warlock Rings of lord Gandalf 
Dragon lord Gimli dwarson Reaperrr 

Good Xbox Gamertags Names

Good Xbox Gamertags Names
King of kings Beast mode Ultimate gamer 
Danger joker Ghost rider Ghost assassin 
Deadly motion Pyro king Ghost rider 
Skull slayer Romantic killer Lover killer 
Reaper rogue Tomb raider Superman 
Sniper sub Iron man Steel man 
Death dealer Leader Winter is here 
Knight king Snow john Darth vader 
Demon hunter Warlock Dragon 
Lard master The one ring Gandalf the king 
Hayward Faramir Dwarson 

What Are Good Xbox Gamertags?

Good Xbox gamertags should be catchy, easy to remember, and reflect your personality or interests. So, you can—

  • Choose from good xbox names that mirrors your personality, interests, or favorite characters.
  • Avoid common phrases or clichés; aim for uniqueness for a good xbox gamertag.
  • Make sure it’s easy to read and free of offensive terms.
  • Keep it short and memorable for easy recognition in various games.
  • Check across different games to ensure the gamer tag’s availability and consistency.
  • Opt for a short and catchy Good xbox names that’s easy to recognize and remember.

Ultimately, a good Xbox gamertag is something that is unique, representative of your personality, and leaves a lasting impression in the gaming community.

Best Xbox Gamertags

Best Xbox Gamertags
Pantastic DeathXtreame VoidPunisher 
Organic fire Shady killer Lady luck
The riddler Mr. FantasticThe hilarious 
That’s funny Gambler Winner 
Troublemaker Slay master Complex slayer 
Mastermind Queen bee Space cadet 
Crazy Flynn Mr. Immortal The general 
The one percent Zero degrees The general 
Master is here Scottish French king 
Spanish queen Elite agent High master 
Super woman The boss Terminator 
Badass ninja Ninja Hatodi Wonder woman 
King hill Batman Thor 
Cat woman Wonder boyLioness 
Wise queen Iron lady Green arrow 

Perfect Xbox Gamertags Names

Perfect Xbox Gamertags Names
Pure zombie Golden dragon Crazy sober 
High guy Master valker Night walker 
Virtual lord Falcon kingSpider woman 
Silent soldier Destroyer Silent killer 
Let’s shoot Vampire Walking dead 
I’m not a clue The flopp dwag Almighty king 
Terror master The rare one Hopeless 
Clueless Notorious Bg The boss man 
Hall and goats Harry dotter Harry pohtar 
Lone wolf Invincible Pinky boy 
Corky Ramano One punch man Genius man 
Papa smurf The originals Klaus 
Elijah Babe ruthless The chosen one 
Wolverine The muffin man Tiny feet 
Pizza delivery The grim reaper Gorilla 
King of kings Solid snake Master chief 
The dogfather Sexy ass girl Pillow pets 
Chicken nugget Spartan Blessed 

Rare Xbox Gamertags 

Rare Xbox Gamertags
Kungfy master Funny cowboy Toxic turtle 
Faste and swift Smile please Chillin 
Just hanging around Smart shark Ranger 
Power ranger Warrior godz Elite killer 
Speed demonx Lilninja Legendary 
Smart player Spicy noodle Savage gamer 
The almighty Best ever player King konger 
Unstoppable force The evil ninja Noob killer 
Serial chiller Machine gun Badass gamer 
The great one Dirty dog Dwag 
Savage player The one and only Superstar kid 
Dubs guy Supreme ruler Godlike gamer 
The greate one The exceptional one King of games 
Best in the world Alpha gamer MVP 

OG Xbox Gamertags 

OG Xbox Gamertags
Old schooler Vintage kid Retrogamer 
Back2basics Classic kids Darth vader 
Lara croft Mario Pacman 
Bowser Atari master Maser chief 
God of war Sonic hedgehog Iron man 
Iron woman Antman Captain england 
Captain USA Wolverine Black widow 
Loki Max Payne Snake liskken 
John wick Freddy Micheal Scott 
Jackson Michael Jason Godfather 
Predator Daylight killer Robocop 
Serpico Scarface Taxi driver 
Good fellas Snake eyes John cena 

Badass Xbox Gamertags 

Badass Xbox Gamertags
Badass gurl Badass master Tough guy 
Bullet proof Deady assasin One man army 
Boss lady Lethal weapon Lethal combination 
Mr. Perfectionist Rapid fire Warrior princess 
Bae slayer Queen of the nerds Domina 
Power chica Unbeatable Undefeated champ 
Two times a charm Brutal master Killer mastermind 
Come to daddy The gamer boss One and only 
Cutie pie Diva of games Diverr 
Killer gamer chic Pirate queen Savage gurl 
Tomboy Queen of Xbox Killer gamer 

Clever Xbox Names

Clever Xbox Names
Game On 365 days game Babygurll 
Better than U Can’t beat me I win every time 
Let’s play Lean on meGame over 
I win you lose I beat the odds You can’t touch me 
Winner takes it all One of a kind Ready to play 
Never give up Don’t mess with mePlayer of all time 
Undefeated Only the best Beast mode On 
Gamerrrr Proven winner Dare to die 
The champion Messi  Ronaldo 
Neymar 110 Back again Be right back 
Badda bing Try to catch me Only player 

Creative Xbox Gamertags

Creative Xbox Gamertags
Skittle monster Little monster Mister player 
Blood sail War dot com Hijacked 
The exorcist Free wifi Rambo nation 
Robocop Dinner bell Jingle bell 
Dinner time Let’s get in Dare not 
Pimp my ride The dark lord Nacho libre 
Killer library Salt bae Queen of hearts 
Killer bae Iron game Fresh mind 
Cupcake battlePiece of cake Lemon drops 
Doodle pants The crowbar Gummy bears 
Rocky Road player Night walker 
Night stalker Killer mind Killer instinct 

One Word Xbox Gamertags 

One Word Xbox Gamertags
Inferno Toxic Warpath 
Warrior Terminator Killer 
Slayer Gamer Doombringer 
Silencer Meltdown Dragonheart 
Blooddlust Reaper Relentless 
Nightmare Bossman Conduit 
Blade Blackout Conduit 
Beastmode Nightmare Predator 
Redemption Rapid Bulletstorm 
Nova Blaze Nemesis 
Reaper Joker Vengeance 
Rage Rogue Warrior 
Blackout Thunderstruck Thunderbolt 
Stormer Thor Loki 

Exceptional Xbox Gamertags 

Exceptional Xbox Gamertags
Propower Power rangers Pink panther 
Nuclear warhead Toxic shock King of the hill 
Ace of spandex Toxicity Godzilla 
The destroyer Savage beast Cemetry 
Death dealer The reaper White lightening 
Demon slayer Soul eater Soul killer 
Vampire hunterVampire killer Mafia boss 
The scenic boss Mafia prince Your prince 
Emo king The gamer The rock 
The mountain Black diamond Havoc 
Bombs away Dirty money Tortured soul 
The butcher Savage Drama queen 
Lover boy Lover girl The brute 
Rock star Reaperzz Luscious lady 

Available Xbox Names 2022 

Available Xbox Names
Vampire love Naughty princess Wanted criminal 
Don Pirate king Savage beast 
Spicy passion Loud whispers Battle master 
Secret agent Wolf howler Godlike being 
Gamer chick Sky dancer Thug life 
Street king Street killer Gamer chica 
Cool dude Scarce face Desert eagle 
Sniper queen Fire heart Savage beast 
Darkness shadow Red angel Love knight 
Nimble foot Lazy bones Sweet dreams 
Pain killer Fantasy world Lover dreamer 

Hilarious and Cool Xbox Names

Hilarious and Cool Xbox Names
Type 2 Diabetes Smelly cat Pivot! 
Captain Underpants Nothin but a 0 Doddies 
I just pooped The great cornhilio Poochie the dog 
Lapooh Joeyy Chandelier 
Bubbles the dolphin Rocky balboa Barney 
How I met your mother Doris Dorothy 
Damon Dirty harry oneD 
The joker Its a joke Donald trump 
Luigi Pacman Boogey man 
Spongebob Baba Booey Uncle Phil’s 
Tinky winky Poop master Worst player 
Dingle berry You are gonna die Slayer 
Kill master Kill machine Heartbreaker 

What Are the Tips for Creating Cool Xbox Names?

Here are some tips to help you choose a cool Xbox Gamertag—

  • Originality is Key: Try to come up with a unique name that reflects your personality, interests, or a favorite character. You can combine words or alter spellings to make it distinctive.
  • Keep it Concise: Since shorter names are often more memorable and easier to type, so aim for something catchy and easy to say.
  • Avoid Numbers or Random Characters: While numbers or symbols can be added for uniqueness, it’s best to steer clear of making numbers or symbols the central element of your cool Xbox Gamertag unless they’re crucial for the name you have in mind.
  • Consider your Interests: You can add elements from your favorite games, characters, hobbies, or anything that inspires you. For example, it could be a reference that your fellow enthusiasts or gamers who share your interests will easily recognize.
  • Humor or Puns: If it suits your personality, a clever pun or a funny reference can also make for a memorable Gamertag.
  • Be Creative: You can try out different words, phrases, or languages as mixing things up can make a cool Gamertag too.
  • Avoid Offensive or Controversial Words: It is worth noting that Xbox Live has guidelines against offensive language, so you should stay away from such a gamertag that could be considered inappropriate.
  • Test it Out: Before finalizing your gamertag, check if it’s already taken on Xbox Live or used by others because of course, you want something that’s uniquely yours.

Note: A Xbox Gamertag is personal and should reflect your personality or interests. So, take your time, brainstorm and then, create a cool xbox gamertag that suits you perfectly!

Short Xbox Names

Short Xbox Names
Banger Glitch Tiny toad 
Fringey Kaboom PeeWee 
Boxer Stalker Niteowl 
Sharky Laser guy Grinchy 
Slickest Tiny Scooter 
Tiny Bulldog Butterfly 
Taco Bubbles Ninja 
Ghost Cheetah Gorilla 
Loki Thor Hamster 
Iceman Skater Player 
Jellybean Panda bear Mouseytail 

Great Xbox Names

Great Xbox Names
Smooth crime Mind blown Laid back 
Chillaxed No pressure Easy peasy 
Cool Swag juice Swagger 
Killer instincts Legendary win Always a winner 
Pumped up Badassery Nonchalant 
Unbeatable So badass Silent but deadly 
No hate Queen of kings Immortal 
Cherry pie Legendary Godlike 
Pound cake Lovers Butter 
Banana split Ice cube Ice berg 
Titanic Cotton candy Mr. Cool 
Mr. Fool Rocky beard Heavy hitter 
Peace & Love Hitman Painkiller 
Punisher Rage quit Shadow assassin 
Punisher Terminator Alpha wolf 
Zombie killer Electronite Savage gamer 


Here are some frequently asked questions about changing names or usernames on Xbox: 

Ans: While picking a Gamertag for your Xbox profile, it is quite important that you go with something that is memorable and something that represents you.

Ans: Yes, if you are changing your name on Xbox for the first time, it is possible to change the name for free, but for the rest of the time, you will have to pay $9.99.

Ans: You can pick any name on Xbox. So yes, you can certainly use your real name on your Xbox without any issue.

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