Video Editing Software

Key Takeaways:

These are the 7 best video editing software for college students 2024-25. 

  1. Riverside – A good platform to shoot 4K videos and 48kHz audio. 
  2. Shotcut – It has various formats to grant you the desired result. 
  3. iMovie – A good editing software for Apple devices. 
  4. Adobe Premiere Elements – Advanced features are not required for any subscription. 
  5. InShot – A good option for social media videos. 
  6. Lumafusion – An editing app that offers flexibility. 
  7. Adobe Premiere Rush – It has an easy-to-use interface that grabs the user’s attention. 

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Video editing software helps transform raw footage into a professional video. It enhances visual appeal, creates a narrative structure, rectifies imperfections, and adds creativity to content. All in all, it streamlines the post-production process, enabling the editors to optimise their workflow. 

Video editing skills are used in various industries to create a final, polished product. Hence, staying abreast with this technology for students is crucial in the fast-paced digital ecosystem. This way, they can work on an individual project with the flexibility of independent learning. Therefore, being aware of some good software for video editing may allow them to manipulate their content to present various academic projects such as dissertations, case studies, research papers, etc. It will enhance the ability to convey the message effectively. 

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Top 7 Best Video Editing Software for Students In 2024-25

Have you ever dreamed of sharing your creative vision through videos? Do you want to enhance your video editing skills and looking for some good editing video software? There are millions of video editing software to choose from, but which one can be the better choice? Find below some details so that you can choose the one best for your next project. 


It is a platform that lets you both record and edit your video. If your camera supports it, you can shoot 4K videos and 48kHz audio. It also has an AI tool that saves your editing time. Some top features of this video editing software for Windows that must be taken note of include, 

  • It has separate audio and video tracks. 
  • You can simply edit the clip by editing the text of your transcript. 
  • There is a colour-coded video editing timeline that can merge the clips. 
  • This AI video editing software presents various ratios of layouts. 


It is the best video editing software for beginners, and it has some advanced features. This editor supports hundreds of audio and video formats to grant you the desired results. Some noticeable benefits that you can get out of it are, 

  • It has colour-grinding tools to get specific results. 
  • It supports keyframing to create animations. 
  • It has a good library of filters and transitions.
  • It can support editing up to 4K video resolution. 


It is the best software for video editing on Apple devices. Because of its user-friendly interface, it has a good integration with the Apple ecosystem. Find below some key features of this apple video editing software. 

  • You can drag and drop editing to make various arrangements. 
  • It has built-in templates to acquire unique styles. 
  • There are advanced editing tools such as green screen effect, colour correction, precision, etc. 

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Adobe Premiere Elements

If you are just a beginner who can’t comprehend the advanced and difficult editing features, then this video editing software can be the best choice. The best thing is that it is available as a one-time purchase and does not require any subscription. Here are some benefits of using this premier software video edit, 

  • It hosts some special effects and transitions that you can’t find in other editors. 
  • It also owns some audio effects like Vocal Enhancer, Reverb, and DeHummer. 
  • Here, you can copy the colour profile of popular clips exactly. 
  • There are creation features to make slideshows or collages. 


It is a free video editing software that also comes in paid versions at monthly, yearly, or lifetime prices. This best video editing software for YouTube is the perfect choice for social media video makers. Moreover, the advanced features of this editing software that will take your video to the next level may include, 

  • You will find exclusive effects, transitions, text, and stickers here. 
  • You can enjoy basic editing features like merge, crop, cut, etc. 
  • There are some AI features such as auto background removal, clone effects, auto subtitles, etc. 


It is considered one of the best video editing apps due to its flexibility and professional-grade features. Those who have a basic understanding of video editing can benefit from it. These may include, 

  • It has a multi-cam editing feature for multi-camera setup. 
  • You can do voiceover, audio mixing or other audio effects. 
  • There are some colour correction tools for saturation, contrast, white balance and more. 

Adobe Premiere Rush

This software is designed for quick and easy editing, especially for your social media videos. The best part is that it has a simple, clean user interface. Some other features of this easiest video editing software that can attract users include, 

  • It is optimised to make short videos for your social media platforms. 
  • You can add overlays such as titles, transitions, or special effects to make the content more engaging. 
  • It gives you more creative options due to its integration with Adobe Creative Cloud. 


Video editing is a dire need for many professionals in the present digital era. This is how an artist can describe his creative vision. These skills must be acquired by the students so that they can use them to make their academic project presentation finer and more polished. Considering this, in the above write, we have chosen the best video editing software that can be a good choice for you. Students who want to use this software for their academic needs must be aware of the importance of writing good dissertations. A well-structured document can make the presentation process smooth for you. To get compelling papers that not only abide by the conventions but also are of exceptional quality, buy dissertation online from experts. After getting your papers from professionals you can peacefully invest time in making and editing videos for your defence.