Education is not a process of reading and listening to some information online. Education is a structured and systematized process that allows students to obtain specific knowledge in a particular field.

Education helps people conclude independently, make adequate judgments based on their knowledge, and follow their needs referring to personal experience.

The level of human literacy is measured by the ability to read and write; the level of education is evaluated by the ability to think critically and use reading and writing skills to improve the quality of living. Students can rely on 123helpme essay writing support to succeed in education.

The importance of education in the contemporary world cannot be overestimated as this is a tool people use to live and enjoy life. Some basic reasons that make education an important aspect of human life are presented below.


Knowledge obtained in the learning flow is not a set of facts people learn and call it education. Education is a set of procedures that allow students to think critically and make their judgments based on what they know but not on what other people try to convince them.

When a child reaches adolescence, only the level of education can limit him/her choice of profession. Adolescents with a low level of education cannot draw a decision, and very often, their parents make decisions instead of them. Highly educated adolescents can think critically and draw decisions even at a young age. 

This is the power of education. People can think and act independently disregarding of their age. There are many examples when people with a low level of education do not make any decisions and wait when others do it even if they have reached the age of 40-50 years. 

The fact that a person is highly educated does not mean that he/she cannot make mistakes. However, an educated person will come out of the situation referring to personal judgment and making personal choices.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is another bonus people obtain when they receive quality knowledge. Being educated means obtaining much knowledge and applying this knowledge in various situations. When you decide on something, you may either refer to the decision other people recommend or compare the facts, forecast some possible outcomes, and refer to your knowledge before choosing the variant you consider correct. 

Critical thinking means that you use your knowledge to refer to the possible outcomes, analyze those, and decide which outcome you consider most appropriate for you. The more knowledge you obtain, the more possible variants you may develop and the more critically you will come to the resolution of the solution. 

Critical thinking is effective not only in math, physics, and other sciences. Critical thinking is helpful in business, and daily life as the quality of human work, and life depends on their choices, and the more critical a person is, the better choices he/she makes. Good critical thinking skills lead to improved problem-solving abilities, and as a result, a person becomes more productive in professional and daily life.


Not all people refer happiness to the level of education. However, these are two interconnected aspects of human life. People with a low level of knowledge may be happy. However, this level of happiness will be limited by the presence of food and shelter. These are the basic needs of a person. A really happy person is the one who has excessive knowledge in the opportunities they may have and who reaches those.

Some people may feel happy when they can buy a house, while others may reach happiness when they have an opportunity to travel. However, these very abilities to travel and purchase some expensive things result from a high level of education as earning money without substantial knowledge and skills is impossible.

There are many situations when people refuse luxury in favor of rural living. However, this is their choice they have drawn as a result of obtaining knowledge. Happiness is not measured by money. However, it is measured by the level of knowledge, as those people are happy with a large scope of knowledge and can use it when deciding how to live.


All people can be equal, not in the meaning that they may think in the same way, but in the meaning that they can have equal opportunities and the starting point. Overall, the developed countries and many developing ones offer people equal opportunities providing them with free primary and secondary education. The availability of the Internet in each home also opens many educational ways and options for people to be equal. Everything depends on human choice, either to choose a highly paid job or average income. People with the same level of education always have equal opportunities.

When applying for a job, the employer does not consider your family status, socio-economic family condition, marital status, and other characteristics. The employers are interested in the level of your education. Thus, everyone is equal in front of employers, and only the level of education matters. You should study to learn more and to have more knowledge to compete with the top employees on the same level. The higher level of knowledge you have, the higher level of job and salary you may acquire.

Financial Prosperity

There are a lot of different professions that require a high level of knowledge and skills. At the same time, there are professions where knowledge level is limited to some basic knowledge. One does not need to know much to perform some work. However, the salary level, in this case, is limited. For example, the salary of a street cleaner is much low than the salary of a company CEO. The level of education and responsibility matters here. Those who have a higher level of education can request higher salaries as they sell their knowledge. No computer can substitute a human being with a high level of knowledge and the ability to appraise, analyze, and critically access human knowledge and skills.

Financial prosperity is a result of a high level of education. Some manual jobs may also deserve high salaries, but in this case, a person should also study hard to understand the principles of the mechanisms and their work.


Thus, education is of high importance. One needs to study hard to obtain a higher level of salary in the future. However, education does not mean that you remember facts. It does not work this way. Education means the ability to apply learning materials in practice. Those who learn hard and can apply this knowledge in their work are sure to get higher salaries.

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