The ultimate dream for those who are academically minded is to go to a top university, with Ivy League being the pinnacle. While there are many benefits to attending a top-flight non-ivy school, there are numerous benefits that mean you should consider going to ivy. The quality of your education is not the only factor to think about, so be sure you’ve taken into account all the benefits.

Excellent Financial Aide

Ivy league schools are indeed expensive and that cost can be off-putting if you don’t come from a wealthy background. However, these schools can offer larger endowments than non-ivy league schools which can work in your favor. If you have the necessary qualifications to get into one of the top eight, they may be able to take the financial sting out. Other prestigious schools will offer endowments, but larger roll sizes mean the amount offered tends to be smaller.

Prestige and Reputation

One of the reasons to consider how to get into Yale is the prestige, and opportunities that it affords you. Yale and the other Ivy League schools’ reputations are internationally recognized for good reason. By attending one you have fantastic networking opportunities from day one, which will benefit you long after graduation. Any potential employers will know immediately that you have worked hard to gain your education. 

Head Start your Career

Many businesses recruit directly from Ivy schools, especially in the fields of law and business. As such attending one of the Ivy eight gives you the potential for a head starts with your career. Having the security of employment with a prestigious company right after graduation is many an undergrad’s dreams. Even if you do have to interview after school, you’ll be at a significant advantage to those from less reputable schools.

World Class Resources

Due to smaller roll sizes, there is less competition for the available resources. The good thing is, however, that these colleges have as many world-class resources as larger facilities. They can afford this due to the fact they are private schools and well-funded thanks to large endowment funds. Their facilities are varied across all subjects, so arts major will do just as well as a business school student.

Close-Knit Communities 

Because of the exclusive nature of the Ivy League schools, with their comparatively small roll sizes, the schools foster an excellent community feels. Regardless of your subject specialty and how you get into the school, everyone is treated equally. This means that sports stars and student doctors have equal access to facilities and are equally appreciated for their contributions. Whereas other colleges are known to value one over the other depending on their culture.

So as you can see there are many valid reasons why you should consider applying to an Ivy League school. It takes a lot of hard work to get into one, but if you’re good enough to be accepted, then you should apply and take advantage of the beneficial opportunities you’ll be given.