To win a job competition, the candidate’s resume should cause a significant interest in hiring managers. It is easier to create a high-quality resume with experience in resume writing. As with any other writing, it has rules and formatting features that every job seeker must follow. So, job-seekers start looking for help in resume writing to land the long-awaited job interview.

There haven’t been so many resume writing services as there are now, so it’s very easy to get trapped into not trustworthy companies’ hands. That is why people need to find the right career advice service search approach. This article will reveal what key criteria should be considered to get yourself a winning resume. 

The Writer Should Know How ATS Works

While submitting a resume, remember that it might not reach humans. It’s because more and more companies use special software to filter incoming resumes. Recruiters may get dozens of resumes daily, and looking through them with their eyes requires too much time. Hence, they found a way to make this process automated. They utilized the applicant tracking system in the hiring process.

ATS bots can scan and collect thousands of resumes. They replace the screening process, which recruiters used to perform independently. Recruiters first upload information about the position, such as the job title, relevant skills, and job experience. Then The ATS uses this information to create a profile for the ideal candidate. The bot recognizes and selects only those resumes that fit the perfect candidate profile.

So to make your resume reach the hands of recruiters, not machines, it is necessary to optimize it for the ATS system. The system will put your resume in the right folder if it contains the same terms and keywords as in the ideal candidate’s profile. You can predict what keywords to use by reading the job description attentively. If you plan to delegate this task to a resume writer, he should know how to make a resume bot-friendly. Otherwise, your fee for resume writing services will be wasted. 

Entry Consultation 

A person who makes a resume about you must know you well. Professional resume writers usually arrange an entry consultation with the client. They ask about their work experience, skillset, and accomplishments in detail. It is essential to communicate directly with the writer because, during the writing process, he should check with you about all controversial moments. 

Many writing companies don’t offer direct communication with the writer. Clients who paid high sums of money for their resumes but didn’t get any job interview invitations complained that they communicated only with customer support representatives, and their communication lasted for no longer than 20 minutes! So during your first contact with the company, check how they get the information from your resume from you. If it’s only 20 min phone talk with the manager, you better look for a more trustworthy company.

Ask for a Referral

People don’t like to reveal their secrets when they achieve significant results. But many people got job offers from popular companies due to the help of resume writing services. And there is a big chance these people are in your environment. So don’t hesitate to ask your friends or former colleagues what resume writer helped them with their job application.

Many people try professional resume editing service before ordering a custom-written resume. Resume editing is usually cheaper and can be delivered in the nearest timeframe. It’s an excellent way to start the job application process if you have at least some drafts and want to avoid trusting your first resume with a stranger. 

Qualification of the Resume Writer

Whether you delegate the work on your resume to a freelance writer or a unique resume writing company, you must learn the writer’s background and credentials. The best resume writers must have experience in Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, and Career Coaching. It is also crucial for this specialist to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Resume writers should have proof of writing experience. Everyone completes writing assignments at university, but only the best people succeed in earning money with writing. 

Top-rated resume writing companies hire people who have written popular blog posts, ebooks, and screenplays, provided they made a successful test task in resume writing. Having resume writing certifications like National Resume Writers Association is also very favorable for this position.

Online writing services are a trendy online business right now, and young companies can hire people far from professionals. There is a chance that college students or non-native speakers can create a good resume, but the guarantee that it will bring a job offer is significantly lower. 

Review Policy 

All clients of writing services should have a right to give their edits after receiving their order. Suppose the company needs to indicate something on its website about the review policy. In that case, it tells that the company is not customer-friendly. For example, in media, all articles, before being published, are screened by editors. Even top-rated professional writers can deliver work that doesn’t satisfy the task description 100%.

So check on the website or with customer support how many reviews the price includes. It is possible to check if a proofreader in the company or an editor checks the resume before sending it to the client.


Many writing companies offer money-back guarantees for first-time clients if they are unsatisfied with the order. If this is not a clickbait strategy, resume writing services usually do when they are sure of the quality of their papers. The company won’t go bankrupt with a money-back guarantee if the documents they provide are of the highest quality, as they promised.


For newbies in resume writing services, it is essential to remember that they must pay attention to the background and certification of the company’s writers. A professional service should also conduct an extended interview with a client to define his job candidate profile.