Running a marketing agency can be difficult, especially with so many other agencies to compete with! Getting your name out there, building up a clientele, and maximizing your reputation so you bring in enough money to grow is a tall order, even if you have a rockstar team.

To make the most of your first days and get more new clients, check out these seven tips that every marketing business can benefit from.

In-Person Marketing is Great to Start Out

In the beginning, business cards, posters, and other in-person marketing tactics could be wise ways to spread the word about your marketing business. Odds are your first clients will be small businesses or people you know in your local area.

Therefore, don’t put too many of your marketing eggs in the digital basket right off the bat.

Post on Guest Blogs

As a marketing business, you can spread the word about your brand – and make sure potential customers know the strength of your offerings – through posting on guest blogs. Guest blog posts about informative topics, like what metrics to focus on or how to market effectively to different audiences, can go a long way toward showing:

  • Your agency knows what it’s talking about
  • You have the right tools to succeed – for example, Klaviyo email marketing agencies know how to use Klaviyo to maximum effect

This is just one way that Klaviyo email marketing agencies like QuaGrowth boost the marketing success of brands. Attaching guest blogs to email newsletters can bring traffic to those posts and lead to more appreciation for your marketing emails at the same time.

Guest blog posting could be one of the best strategies to increase your clientele if you don’t have a big customer base quite yet. Even after you have an established clientele, keep posting on guest blogs to maintain high brand awareness.

Networking is Key

Good networking is important for your marketing business’s success. To that end, always keep a detailed list of contacts, current and former clients, and potential leads ready to go. If you have one client, ask them if they have any friends or fellow business owners who may need marketing assistance. The more you network, the easier you’ll find it to acquire new clients for your marketing agency. 

Don’t Discount Word of Mouth

At the same time, remember to keep your reputation in mind. Word-of-mouth may seriously impact your brand’s ability to get clients for better or worse.

If you do a great job with one client, for example, they may tell another business owner about your marketing agency’s success. That’s essentially free marketing! Therefore, you should treat each job as the most important task on your docket. Don’t let one marketing client fall by the wayside in favor of another; bad word-of-mouth can be just as damaging as good word-of-mouth can be beneficial.

Make a Professional Website

For your online business marketing to succeed, it needs a professional, clean-looking website. Either design it yourself using a website building tool, such as SquareSpace, or hire a professional web designer or web design agency to do it for you.

In any case, your professional website should:

  • Have a landing page for prospective clients, including directions on how to contact you
  • Be easy to navigate through and not lag
  • Have a portfolio or testimonials page where prospective clients can see the real value of your marketing business and decide for themselves whether they want to hire you

Being present on social media is essential for your marketing strategy these days,” — says Ksenia Kurganova, ex Marketing Manager at Google. — “A recent Google Social Commerce and Video Shopping study shows that people feel much more confident about a brand when they see it on a platform they trust. If you’re working with Gen Z audience, keep in mind that over 40% of young people turn to TikTok as a replacement for search engine. People are also turning to Amazon and Instagram to search for products or services, so your business should be visible on social media as well.”

Post Testimonials for New Customers

Speaking of testimonials, these are positive reviews from past customers or clients. Post them on your website as much as possible, and use videos if you can, as video testimonials feel more authentic to prospective clients.

Testimonials are great ways to showcase your value to potential customers. They prove that your marketing agency has the stuff to succeed and has already impressed people in the past. If you don’t already have testimonials, link to positive reviews on Google, Yelp, or other review websites to create the same overall effect for your brand.

Present Hard Numbers

To both get and retain business from your clients, always collect and present hard numbers or data on KPIs/key performance indicators. The more hard numbers you can provide about a client’s marketing campaign, the better decisions they can make and the smarter they’ll see your brand.

When you partner with a Klaviyo email marketing agency, you’ll always have the numbers you need to make wise decisions for your business. If you appreciate hard numbers, remember that your clients will as well.

In the end, these seven tips will help you maximize your marketing and bring new clients to your marketing business in no time. With the right effort and mindset, you’ll position your brand to be the go-to choice for your target clients and surpass your competition in more ways than one.