Cisco Certification is an international authoritative certification in the field of the Internet.

1. Applicable Object

All on-the-job personnel with skills of DOS and Windows and a certain level of English, college students, and personnel who require technical knowledge of key network equipment can sign up for Cisco Online Training. Cisco international certification certificate can be obtained by passing the international certification examination.

2. Grading

  • CCNA — Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • CCNP — Cisco Certified Network Professional
  • CCIE — Cisco Certified Internet Expert

3. Training Period

1. CCNA: the recommended learning time is 60 days

2. CCNP: the recommended learning time is 120 days

4.Comments from the IT Industry

Mr. Wu, who has passed the Cisco Certification Exam, said that having CCIE Certification will help you have an enviable job and rich treatment all over the world. Because CCIE Certification is one of the highest level technical professional certification projects in the whole Internet industry. Through this certification, network technology professionals can prove their excellent technical level in the rapidly expanding field of network technology competition.

The head of the Training Department of Tsinghua Wanbo Network Technology Co., Ltd., who has been engaged in Cisco Certification training and examination for many years, said that CCIE Certification is a dynamic standard, and it needs a re-certification process every year. If a company wants to become a Cisco Silver Agent, it must have at least two CCIE. If it wants to become a Gold Agent, it must have at least four CCIE. The designated bidder in the bidding of large companies must qualify as Silver Agent. If you want to take CCNA Test directly, unless the candidates have a certain network knowledge background, they must pay more effort. If we look at the current talent market in Beijing, CCNA can get a monthly salary of more than USD 600, while the monthly salary of CCNP is between USD 1200 and USD 1800.

5. CCNA Course Introduction

1. Teaching materials:

English: CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Learning Guide (English upgraded version), Examination Number: 640-507

Chinese: Cisco Network Technology Tutorial Volume I and Volume II

2. Counseling materials: CCNA: Cisco Certified Network AssociateReview Key and Simulated Test Questions (Original English Version), Examination Number: 640-507

3. Supporting CD: Simulation Experiment, Simulation Examination

6. CCNA Training Objectives

·Install and ConfigureCisco Switches and Routers in MultipleProtocol Networks by using the Interfaces of LAN and WAN

  • It can provide primary troubleshooting services
  • It can improve network performance and security
  • CCNA check Spoto Positions include:
  • It can assistant Customer Service Engineer
  • Professional Field Technician
  • Junior System Engineer
  • Junior System Integration Engineer

7. CCNP Course Introduction

BSCN (Build Scalable Cisco Network) or BSCN E-Learning Edition * Routing Exam


BCMSN or BCMSN E-Learning Edition * Switching Exam#640-504

BCRAN or BCRANE-Learning Edition * Remote Access Exam#640-505

CIT (Cisco InternetTroubleshooting) or CIT E-Learning Version * CIT Exam#640-506

8. CCNP Training Objectives

·Using related technologies to establish a Scalable Routing Network

·Using Multiple Layer Switching Technology to establish Campus Network

·Improve Information Flow, Redundancy and Implementation for Campus LAN, Routing Switched Wan and Remote Access

  • It can develop and implement global Intranet
  • Troubleshoot Cisco Routers and Switches in a MultipleProtocol Customer Service Environment
  • CCNP Positions include:
  • It has Network Management Supervisor
  • It has an Intermediate Maintenance Engineer
  • Intermediate System Engineer
  • Network Engineer

There is a huge need for a professional engineer. The industry is looking for such engineers for the rapid development of the system. That is why there is a need for CCIE professionals. Cisco has introduced such courses since 1993. One can get primary level CCNP certification to specialization like CCDP and CCIE. With this certification, you can deal with problems related to the network.

Cisco Certification Introduction guide

CCNA Certified Cisco Router and LANSwitcher course teaches you how to analyze, design, and realize the best installation, configuration, and modulation technology of Cisco products for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Cisco Certification is an international authoritative certification in the field of the Internet.

It is divided into three levels: CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional), and CCIE (Cisco Certified Network Expert).

The knowledge system of CCNA is relatively simple. It is suggested that candidates should sign up for a better training class to prepare for the CCIE and CCNP exams.

There are two ways to register for Cisco Certification Exam, one is online registration, and the other is registration in the examination center. 

Online Registration: it is recommended to register online and pay the examination fee with a dual currency credit card that supports US dollars, with a cost of USD 150 ~ 250 per subject.

Registration in the Examination Center: Bring your ID card to the local examination center for registration, and pay the examination fee for a single session, generally between USD 190-350.

Cisco Certification is dispatched by Cisco, a renowned maker in the Network field. 

The organization dispatched the Cisco Career Certification Program (CCCP) for the Network Planning and Network Support of its items and required its representatives in different nations to have such architects, to improve the service quality to users and establish the Qualification Certification System of Cisco Product Network Engineers.

Cisco Certification is an international authoritative certification in the field of the Internet.

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