Education is an essential thing for our lives. Your elders tell you the tales of having a one-room school. You can also enjoy schooling from the rest of your houses. Some law schools offered online law programs by which you can learn law from any location in the world. You can take admitted to your desired law school from your home, which gives you an online learning facility.

This article is about it is possible to become a lawyer online nowadays. You can be a lawyer by learning online. You can attend classes either full or part-time.

Steps to Be a Lawyer Online

If you dream to be a lawyer but cannot go to university or law school to take regular classes then you can take online law classes at a suitable law school from the rest of your house. The steps involved in becoming a lawyer by studying online are mentioned below:


Many law schools demand an LSAT score for admission while some demand a DRE score. You can be capable to take the LSAT online by studying with the help of an LSAT prep service, like the one offered by TestMaxPrep.

Some people think that it is a hard test because it charges $200. You do not need to take it more than once. If you want to take this test then you can search out a platform that offers you to take it online. You can get an LSAT study guide for good preparation and can get good marks in it. The lowest mark for this test is 120 while the highest is 180. If you take the highest grades on this test, it will be more beneficial for you.

Apply to a Law School

The second step you need to be a lawyer online is to find out which law schools, which offer online schooling. After finding out about law schools that support online learning, apply it. You can consider “Abraham Lincoln University” for online law programs. ALUM offers a large range of online law programs by which you can be a lawyer from your house. ALU is one of the best and most renowned law schools all over the world by which you can get good law education from any place in the world. You can consider ALU for getting online law education. If you want to get further information about Abraham Lincoln University for online law learning then you can visit their official website

Many law schools offer ABA agreements for online programs. You need to ensure that the school is accredited. If, you are unsure then visit the school directly or visit their website.

Complete Your ABA-Approved Program

Finishing your ABA-approved, three or four-years program is one of the most vital things to being a lawyer. You cannot take part without a valid degree.

During your study program, you can look for a volunteer job to get working experience in this field. You can take an internship, fellowship, and available helper’s job, which helps you to earn working experience as a law student. It helps you to practice law and you can be a better and more experienced lawyer in the future.

Ethics Exam

Some law learning institutes demand to pass the MPRE test before becoming a licensed lawyer. This is a test based on two hours. It comprises 60 MCQ-based questions that estimate the student’s abilities to make the standard relationships as a lawyer.

Commonly, the MPRE test is held before the bar exams. However, you can sit for the bar before passing the MPRE test but you must pass the MPRE test.

Apply for Bar Exam

If you want to be a lawyer, you need to apply for bar exams and must pass them. Bar admission, rules, and regulations depend on states. If you desire to practice in a state that does not allow online students to sit in bar exams then you need to make a common application.

Pass the Bar Exams

The bar exam is commonly considered to be extended. It is a hard test but the candidate must pass the bar exam for becoming a lawyer. According to reports and ABA data, around 75% of students clear the bar exam for the first time. If you want to pass the bar exams for once then you should be prepared properly for it.

You can take help from learning institutes for bar exam preparation. Many law schools offer preparation for bar exams in their last semester.

Is an Online Law Degree Worthy?

It depends on your aims and goals. It also depends on what you have to spend on your law education in terms of money, time, and hard work. Many online law degree programs are not completely online. You need to go to the campus for a few purposes. Therefore, you need to make schedules.  

If you want to be a lawyer online then you need to search out the requirements for online law programs. After becoming a lawyer, you need to practice your law for becoming a professional lawyer.

Does an Online Program Enable You to Practice Law?

It is not sure whether an ABA-Accredited law school enables you to practice law. Many students think that they are not prepared for law practice as an attorney at firms. There are various things that you need to learn to be a successful lawyer after passing your bar exam.

It is beneficial for you to look at the curriculum of every online school before choosing an online law school. Online programs must cover all the basic concepts, law, and basic skills. If you are afraid of thinking that, whether or not online law programs enable you to practice law then do not be worried. Ask the campus management how they prepare their students for practice.

Final Words

Becoming a lawyer is the dream of many people these days. However, some people cannot manage to take regular classes. Therefore, they can take online law classes.

If you want to be a lawyer by learning law online then you can consider “Abraham Lincoln University” and can visit their website for further information.