As we all know, cryptocurrency is a highly volatile and risky market to put your money in. Therefore it becomes crucial for even experts to incorporate a tool that can help react quickly to market changes. Quantum AI is one of those platforms that claim to serve effectively with the purpose. But is it really the case? Let us find out today in this article.

Quantum AI Trading – Insights

In today’s article, the main or broad points about would be the following:

Motive of PlatformCrypto Trading
Deposit Price FloorMinimum $250
Rate of Success90% (Claimed)
Cryptocurrencies SupportedBTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, BNB, Cardano, EOS, NEO. IoTA and Others
Mobile Optimised ApplicationNo
Fees0 at both Deposit and Withdrawal
Customer Service24/7 Available

Note: since the cryptocurrencies are decentralized and are not regulated by anybody, the trader might not expect protection from unregulated brokers. 

What is Quantum AI Trading

quantum ai trading

Quantum AI trading works on the mission of using artificial intelligence in trading to provide traders with the best opportunities to trade their money. There are numerous tools available online that use this method to attract users towards them. The AI is able to do so even without looking constantly at the market. You can also read this review of Bit Index AI platform for better understanding of trading.

Best developers from all over the world have built this platform in order to achieve the dream of making trading simpler with the help of AI. They are proud to announce their product in front of common people who are eager to grow their money exponentially through trading. 

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As you must have read in the insights, users have to invest their first $250 into the platform to get started. It is said that the guesses and predictions are proven to be correct 90% of the time. Though there are no legit proofs of this fact, therefore, you should always consider a second thought before putting your money in it. Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence, there are 0 mistakes during the market scanning process resulting in as minimum mistakes as possible. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

quantum ai

Just like any other program, it comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. Join us, and let’s discuss them all under this section of the article.

You do not need to regularly monitor that market since AI is doing that for you.Displays the popular and trending trades throughout the 24 hours of the day.No withdrawal or deposit fee is charged.90% success rate in predictionsThere is no commission mentioned that is supposed to be charged at any stage. The price floor is very high.Still, we cannot 100% rely on it. It is recommended to monitor the market in a few intervals.


Unfortunately, our team is unable to find any data about this platform on the Internet. Even on the official website of the platform, it is impossible to find the name of its developers or the company that is involved in its development. However, it is not something new or weird, as generally, people related to crypto trades prefer being anonymous. Analyze your gains and loses on trading with help of the profit maximizer.

Since there is no information regarding the developing team or company, it becomes necessary for us to take cautious steps while making the decision to trust it or not. 

How Does It Work?

Quantum AI incorporates various aspects and algorithms to give final outputs. 

  1. The process starts from the moment you make your first deposit into the platform.
  2. The machine learning-enabled tools will start scanning the market for you.
  3. With all the scanning and other processes, various charts and indicators are drawn out to explain the demographics of the market.
  4. Great opportunities are searched across the market for sale.
  5. It monitors and scans the price movements that have reached the top to make observations and find the best point when it executes the sale order. 

Mind that these operations are not proven or backed up by any guarantee of some organization. And things can get worse even worse since the crypto market is highly volatile and prone to extreme shifts. Therefore, it can be both useful and highly dangerous for your traded amount. 

Even though there is no mobile application available on the platform, you can access the site via your mobile devices through the web browser on your respective mobile device. 

  • Android 
  • iOS
  • Laptop
  • Desktop


In today’s article, we covered all aspects and reviewed of Quantum AI trading platform. This platform claims to use AI to predict the market future so that you can get the most out of your market. It is claimed that 90% of its predictions are always correct.