If you haven’t joined the conversation on Artificial Intelligence (AI yet). Where have you been? But let’s be honest, feeling a little worried about new technology is entirely expected. None of us were prepared for the internet; initially, everyone had their fair share of uncertainty. But as we embrace the future, AI will definitely be a part of it—and you have the opportunity to start taking advantage of this new technology.

For business owners, your website plays a massive part in your success. It’s what attracts your customers and converts their interest into purchases. But maintaining a website can take a lot of time and effort, which is especially difficult to manage when working with a lean marketing team. So, why not combine your need with new technology, and tap into AI to optimize your website?

Customize Landing Pages

The most effective websites are all about personalization and customization. Have you ever noticed that popular websites will have a rotation of headlines and copy for their homepage? That decision is intentional, and the copy you see is rarely random. 

For example, a shoe company may offer two styles of footwear: athletic sneakers and hiking boots. Now, based on a web visitor’s digital footprint, algorithms can determine if they are more likely to purchase one shoe over the other. Then, it’s all up to you to provide the right content.

Writing multiple variations of home or landing page content can take time. So, if you’re under pressure, why not enlist an AI engine for help? In the case of our footwear company, a marketing writer could develop the content for a hiking boot page and then ask an AI engine to create a companion page for athletic sneakers.

Audit Content

Thanks to the buzz around ChatGPT, we know that this powerful tool can generate all sorts of content, from social posts to blog articles. But only a few people are using this technology to audit their work. ChatGPT doesn’t just create content; it can scan, review, and provide suggestions on your work.

For example, we know that content at too high a reading difficulty level is hard to scan and will only perform well with some audiences. If you have a blog post that’s too complicated to comprehend, consider asking AI technology to identify changes in your content worth making. Type in a prompt like, “Read the following article and provide suggestions to bring the reading level to a 5th-grade level.” Then, the AI engine will give you a series of recommendations to implement.

Plan Keyword and SEO

How do you know what your audience is searching for? Search Engine Optimization AI tools like BrightEdge can help you identify what search terms are trending with your audience and how to incorporate them into your website. You can use AI to generate a list of topics that would pair well with your chosen keywords. AI can also predict future trends and help your marketing team create a roadmap that’s ready for whatever comes next.

Now, remember, Google doesn’t favor a landing page that’s over-stuffed with keywords. Once you have a direction and your target phrases, use them in a meaningful way to create content that will really resonate with your audience.

Creating Your Website

Building and designing a good website is quite complicated. This is especially the case when you do not have web design experience. Fortunately, AI is not only useful for the optimization of sites. It is also useful for the actual creation of a website. Several platforms are now available for those who want to use artificial intelligence to create their sites fast. 

The way in which the platforms work is simple. You enter some data points and you make some choices. Then, the platform gives you a website already optimized and fully done for you. Obviously, the larger companies want to develop their very own websites. But, for smaller businesses, such a tool saves a lot of time and money. 

Personalizing Websites In Real-Time

Nowadays, personalized marketing is absolutely necessary for every single business that wants to be successful. Customers want to receive personalized content. In fact, this is an expectation, not just a desire. People will only spend time on your website when they feel they can get what they are looking for. This is why AI is an absolute necessity for so many modern businesses. 

Instead of targeting audience segments, artificial intelligence lets you cater to a single audience. Basically, your website becomes a lot more effective because it is capable of offering fully personalized recommendations, deals, text, and a whole lot more. Everything can be triggered by just one link click. AI has the potential of delivering highly effective content to site visitors so they turn into customers. 

Content Creation

This is the one use of artificial intelligence in modern website development that everyone is talking about. The truth is that content marketing is an absolutely necessity for every single marketer interested in growing a website. 

Statistics show us that content marketing is capable of generating around 3 times more leads than regular outbound marketing strategies. Artificial intelligence just makes it easier. Marketers simply gain a lot more information about the way in which people interact and consume content. 

AI will discover very efficient content trends. It will gather the resources needed to create great content that will actually convert. Artificial intelligence is nowadays used in content marketing for finding trending subjects, topic analysis, influencer marketing, user-generated content, and a whole lot more. 

Quality Online Customer Service

Automated user flows and chatbots are examples of great artificial intelligence-based systems capable of transforming customer service. They make it so much more effective. Such tools analyze the questions users have and then offer a good response based on behavior and language cues. 

With the use of AI, there is less human labor necessary to offer the best possible customer service. Right now, statistics show us that 80% of businesses want to use AI in their customer service department or already did so. This is something we cannot neglect. 

Content Curation

Artificial intelligence is capable of supplementing your content process in many other ways, not just as a part of content creation. Content curation is a great example of what can be utilized. With the use of modern machine learning technology, the behavior of the website visitor is analyzed. Then, a specific content library is curated so that the individual’s needs and wants are properly serviced. For instance, AI can suggest products, and articles, and maintain high engagement. 

Language and Text Analysis

Almost 70% of the journey of the modern buyer these days is a digital one. Basically, this means that what others say about the business on the internet is something that matters. The good news is that artificial intelligence will be capable of analyzing really large text blocks for you. Then, it determines sentiment. With the use of the data gathered, AI determines how the site visitors are reacting to what they see. Is the text really aggressive? Does it offer the information needed by the visitor in the proper way? Such questions get their answers from AI-based text and language analysis. 

Using AI to Your Advantage

No matter how you do it, remember that AI can optimize your website—but it doesn’t replace what you and your team do best. Use your knowledge and skills to leverage these tools to maximize your time and your content. And when you get it right, there are big wins ahead of your website.

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