Your brand is represented by many things, from the logo, typography, product quality, and personality to customer service, packaging, and price. However, the brand is more intangible (visual, historical, and emotional). Experience with brands separates services and products in different businesses that offer the same quality.

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On the other hand, brand identity is your brand’s face. Therefore, brand identity comprises visual components that represent larger ideas of your brand. Brand identity includes a business logo that will attract potential customers while making loyal customers feel at home.

You need to invest in online items and elements to aid your brand identity. Things like making a great logo and adding images will pay off in terms of conversion rates. Below are some of the elements you can use to build brand identity while staying relevant in the market.

Clear Brand Positioning and Purpose

Determining the purpose and positioning of your brand is one of the most important and first things to do to establish your brand identity. The brand purpose is the biggest reason for your business’s existence. Brand positioning entails showing why your product is better than the competitors and naming who will use your product.

Defining brand positioning and purpose will help you create your logo using a logo maker and deciding on the color pallets. Make the purpose of your brand actionable through positioning. So, you will be laying some groundwork for your brand to be successful and accomplish your intended purpose to the right audience.

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Market Research

Market research will help you greatly, especially for newbies. Talking to different people is one of the best ways of doing market research. Also, you can use the phone interview to get fast and reliable information within a short period.

Other than Phone interviews, you can use online survey tools to gather a lot of info fast. Market research can help you identify your customers’ personas. This goes beyond defining your customers’ problems since it deals with the personal and professional traits of your target audience.

Memorable Logo

It is difficult to say what came first between the logo and brand. Brand and logo keep on being adjusted and refined. A great and clear brand should come first, then a logo that complements, enhance, and matches it.

You should treat your logo as the central piece of the brand identity. It is the part of your brand identity that individuals (new and existing customers) will see first and for the longest time. Therefore, the logo needs to align with other brand identity elements and enhance the brand’s emotional appeal.

Supporting Graphics

These digital and multimedia eras require businesses to build their brand identity with supporting graphics, icons, photographs, and design assets. It is essential to create a brand guide that can address different brand design elements to help streamline ad material production in the future. Because of that, every promotional pamphlet, social media post, or email newsletter should adhere to the same standards.
Building and maintaining your brand identity will need more than visual brand components. Therefore, be consistent in tone and presentation to gain more from a cohesive brand strategy.