1. The First Stage of PMP Preparation

At that time, when I was preparing for the PMP exam Spoto proxy exam, I was thinking about 200 multiple-choice questions instead of single-choice questions. Then it is not easy to do multiple-choice questions. According to past experience, I can get right without reading a book. But after doing 3 to 4 sets of questions, the correct rate has been maintained at 200 questions, only about 80 questions, and I became anxious. It is not wise for me to understand the question of sea tactics. It takes more than an hour to read the wrong questions when I come back and look at the wrong questions. I still don’t make sure that I can remember not to make a mistake next time. In this wrong and wrong environment, tactics need to be changed.

2. The Second Stage of PMP Preparation

Changed from title sea tactics to studying PMBOK and PMP various training materials. Sure enough, reading the book after doing a lot of questions is different. This time I didn’t read the book blindly like last time. I will clarify the various logical relationships between input and output, draw tree diagrams by myself and stick them on the walls of my home and office. However, I was lucky enough. I invested a lot of time in making a quality management tree diagram. Sure enough, at least ten questions in the September exam were passed.

3. PMP Preparation Sprint Stage

Seeing that there is only one week left before the exam, I made a plan from the perspective of project management and read 2 chapters of PMP training materials every day. Efficiency), the day before the exam, because I was too nervous, I was not ready to take a day off with the leader, and hid in Starbucks and read the wrong questions for a day. I went back at night and continued to look at the calculation questions. It turns out that I was also very lucky. Looking at the calculation questions at half-past one in the morning, I finally felt a little sure. When I took the exam the next day, it seemed that I only took 2 calculation questions, including one. The question used the wrong formula, which is really sad.

4. Formally Take the PMP Exam

The happy time came too fast and finally waited until the exam was fortunate for me. I came to the examination room early. Personally, I was sleepy in the morning, so I found the nearest Starbucks and bought a cup of coffee. I have to commend the uncle sitting behind me. He seems to be at least 50+ and has silver hair. He said before the exam that he forgot to bring reading glasses to apply for reading glasses in his bag. He was infected by his spirit and was His actions were amused, and in a good mood he received the most difficult shit test paper in the legend. I also need to thank the handsome guy sitting in front of me. When I was still fighting with the title sea, the handsome guy in front estimated that he completed the test paper more than an hour in advance, and handed in the test paper one hour in advance after the various examinations. people. I confessed that I was nervous when he left because I could only do 150 questions as soon as I saw it, so I speeded up, and almost immediately after the exam, I just finished the complete test paper. This incident teaches us how important it is to systematically check the list from beginning to end when we were doing the questions.

PMP Certification refers to the qualification certification of project management professionals (personnel). The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam organized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) has been promoted in more than 190 countries and regions around the world, and it is currently the most valuable certification in the field of project management. Obtaining a PMP certificate not only improves the project management level of the project manager but also directly reflects the personal competitiveness of the project manager. It is a symbol of the status of a project management professional.PMP certification has been promoted in China since 1999, and the international proctoring agency Prometric conducts invigilation and examination organization. As a project management qualification certification exam, PMP has established its authority internationally.

The learning of project management is not just a process of mastering and understanding. In my opinion, the knowledge of project management comes from the high-level summary of experience, lessons, and various forms in the actual work process. It can be found in the vastly different project work. With the in-depth and extensive promotion of modern project management knowledge in China, more and more people realize the importance of project management knowledge and take the International Qualification Certification (PMP) exam one after another. 

PMP certification is a qualification certification system for project managers launched by PMI (Project Management Institute of America) worldwide. Project managers who pass this certification are called “PMP”, that is, Project Management Professional (Project Management Professional). PMP has comprehensive and scientific project management knowledge, with at least three years of project management experience, and the knowledge and experience it possesses have been tested and approved by PMI. It is an international standard with project management professional quality, comprehensive skills, and high-level Comprehensive project management talents with project management capabilities. In 1999, the PMP certification exam was the first to obtain ISO9001 international quality certification among all certification exams, thus becoming one of the most authoritative certification exams in the world. According to the “China PMP Development Status Report” issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in 2014, the PMP certification exams are currently in 192 countries around the world, with a total of 550,000 members worldwide. In 2014, the number of PMP certifications increased by 15-20%.

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Because I don’t have time to check how I’m doing the problems, I have no idea what I am doing. I just want to go with the fate in my heart, but thank God for your favor. I have been through it anyway!
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