End-user experience monitoring is essential to an application’s performance management. Experience monitoring tools enable IT to track every transaction in the user’s journey, enabling them to optimize the user experience, identify application issues, and significantly reduce the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

There is rapid growth and variety in end-user services. This growth makes it difficult for IT teams to ensure the reliability and performance of distributed systems across multi-cloud and on-premise environments. Additionally, the influx of data from these systems makes ensuring their reliability even more important. A report from Cisco estimates that we generated nearly 850 Zettabytes of data in 2021!

The question then is, how can user experience monitoring solutions help?

Why End-User Monitoring is Increasingly Important

End-user monitoring helps track user (in this case, the employee) behavior and empowers IT by assisting them in understanding user experiences. The fundamental reason for adopting end-user experience monitoring solutions is to improve user experience.

Here are several reasons how an end-user experience monitoring solution can help your business:

Identify Which Features You Need

Having multiple sections based on their uses is normal when developing an application. For example, how a social media application can have a section to upload and post videos, images, and profiles. The application your organization uses can have similar sections. Experience monitoring solutions can help you identify which parts of the app help your employees and which don’t. It can help you build a better user experience and help you build a solid strategy. 

New Feature Performance Tracking

Knowing how well your application works is critical if it has been up for a while – especially if you’ve recently added a new feature. End-user monitoring helps you track how your users interact with new features. It enables you to clearly understand whether your users find the new feature helpful or view it as just an unnecessary step. 

Track Script Issues and Page Load Problems

Insights from user experience can help you track page load times as well. When users experience issues with page load times, this can majorly hit productivity. Experience monitoring solutions can help you identify and resolve page load time issues and other issues with the network. 

Monitor Your Application’s Response Time for Every User Transaction

Tracking your application’s response time is essential as it helps you understand its overall performance. End-user experience monitoring solutions can help you track highly complex and simple transactions and record and test them in a real browser to get the best results. An improved response time will ensure your users can work seamlessly. For the business, this means a productivity improvement and an ROI increase. 

Prevent Performance Issues

End-user experience monitoring tools help IT teams track app performance. A good experience monitoring solution lets you track your apps from anywhere in the world, giving you access to real devices and alerts whenever a zone is experiencing downtime. This information is crucial for a business because if their users cannot use their tools, it means a stop to work and severe damage to profits. Experience monitoring tools help ensure you’re always ahead of the problem by helping you keep detailed track of your devices; this lets you identify issues before they become a significant concern. 

Non-IT Collaboration

Often when there are issues within the app, IT teams have to explain to non-IT teams with less or no technical background the cause of the problem; this causes a communication issue that isn’t good for the business. However, their feedback is valuable since your users speak from the customer’s perspective. 

End-user experience monitoring solutions help diagnose user issues. You can often fix these issues before users react to them – maintaining a seamless work environment. Yet, if you don’t fix it, you will be aware of the problem and know exactly how to answer the questions your users will put forth. 

Measuring the Health of the Backend

End-user experience monitoring solutions help measure the health of the backend by sending alerts to app operators if APIs, third-party components, and service endpoints are malfunctioning or facing issues. These insights are valuable and accurate and help IT ensure that the backend transmits information seamlessly, allowing them to provide a good user experience.

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Managing Inter-Related Technologies

A modern application is a compilation of various frameworks, graphics, plugins, APIs, content platforms, third-party services, and much more. Managing these interrelated technologies to provide a seamless user experience is challenging for any IT team. End-user experience monitoring solutions make this task much more manageable and help IT satisfy users regardless of network, device, or location. 

Puts Users First

While building a web app or mobile app is easy due to the infinite number of templates available, the actual task is maintaining it. Experience monitoring solutions ensure you put your users first by helping maintain your application. It can help you maintain a bug-free application empowering your users with a seamless experience. 

No Metrics Missed

Experience monitoring solutions record data in real time, thus eliminating the need to specify user cases beforehand. Since it tracks user data as they navigate the app, the information recorded provides much-needed performance metrics to help you always stay ahead of any issue. You can get detailed information on your app’s performance, missing no metrics, and create a seamless user experience once again.


It is clear how crucial end-user monitoring is for businesses. It tracks essential data that companies require and therefore increases the product’s efficiency and ensures high productivity. End-user experience monitoring helps effectively avoid performance issues directly affecting the user experience. They provide detailed insights into your user’s transactions and vital performance indicators to help you fix bottlenecks and outages.

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