The list of the hottest mobile app development companies is annual and definitive; companies that appear on the list have achieved excellent results in the previous twelve months and are expected to be influential in the years to come. Sitting top of the list is Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing has had a short life, but it’s grown thanks to the hard work and innovation of Malik Kurdi and his team of software developers exponentially. In only a few years, the company has grown from 5 to over 100 employees, but the success of EM is no accident.  

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The Exemplary Marketing Company  

Exemplary Marketing is a young company; it was started in 2016 as a digital marketing company but quickly grew into one of the most successful and innovative app and software development companies in the world. That’s down to the hard work of the company’s founder Malik Kurdi. 

Whether a business needs a marketing solution, an app, or some suitable software to increase efficiency or productivity, Exemplary Marketing is a one-stop-shop. In a short time, they have grown into the best solution for Fortune 500 companies, and Mr. Kurdi is still only 25 years old.  

The Exemplary Marketing Family 

So, what is the secret to Mr. Kurdi’s success? How does a school leaver with aspirations to become a cop turn into one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the software sector? If you ask him, it’s down to hard work, but it’s also necessary to have a family of like-minded people. 

Malik Kurdi is not only a smart software developer; he also understands the need to have the best people working for the company; that’s why he has surrounded himself with a team of the best app developers; these are smart young men and women who can code virtually anything. 

Why EM Stands Out and Stays Ahead 

Exemplary Marketing grossed $3 million in sales in 2022 and is a main player in the software development industry; that’s one reason the company remains top of our list of hottest mobile app development companies, so what makes them stand out and stay ahead of the competition?

 Remember, Exemplary Marketing began life as a digital marketing agency and is now a leading software development company, which tells you that they move with the times and continue to innovate their products and services; not only that, the EM team loves the office and their work. 

The Future of Exemplary Marketing 

The future is bright for Exemplary Marketing, the company has proved they can be a leading brand in the software and app development industry, but they are also involved in an industry that is forecasted to grow significantly in the next few years, which is set to grow to $935 billion. 

If the 2010s were all about digital marketing, the next decade is likely to be characterized by AI, smartphone innovations, and better integration with cross-platform technologies such as the internet of things. EM is already developing new products and services to meet changing demands. 

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