Online shopping is on the rise, and it doesn’t look to slow down in the near future. People are finding it convenient to shop in the comfort of their room without going outside. There are tons of complications that are involved during the entire shopping task. 

Today, we will talk about the common kinds of customer complaints in detail with a proper explanation in this post. Let’s go through the complete post and understand the concerns customers face in the online market! 

1. Missing Delivery Deadline

As we have mentioned above, the coverage of online shopping is increasing with each passing day. It has increased the loads on the delivery companies who have grown at the same level as e-commerce companies. Many customers ordered clothes for the holidays to enjoy on the beach. 

Unlike On the Beach Complaints, things are completely different for a clothing brand. There are many people whose clothing gets delivered after they come back from the holiday. 

2. Out of Stock

Another thing a number of people face while shopping online is when they like a product, and it goes out of stock for an extended time.  Many platforms keep promises to add clothing in their stock soon, but they miss the deadline most of the time. 

In that case, the people have to face disappointment when they don’t get the required product in the stipulated time. It means there is a need to improve the timings promises for making things efficient for the consumers. 

3. Repeating Defective Deliveries

The third problem that we want to mention in this post is quite common with Pretty Little Thing complaints. We have seen instances where buyers defective products multiple times even after returning them numerous times. It is quite frustrating for customers who trust the seller who break promises multiple times. 

It is strongly suggested to understand customers’ feelings and send them the right things if the seller has delivered defective clothing before. They should keep the convenience of customers on the top and send products in good condition to them.

4. No After Sales Service

We all agree with the fact that all the brands on the online selling platforms aren’t certified. Many brands don’t follow the ethics of not offering quality services to the customers after selling products to them. It is strongly suggested that the companies should make adequate laws about them.

The online selling platforms should create laws where both sellers and buyers should follow the selling ethics carefully.  

5. No First Call Resolution

We want to acknowledge the consumers that their problems don’t get solved on the first call. Many studies show where most consumers don’t get a resolution on their first call. It results in a very negative effect that should be avoided at any cost. 

From this, we don’t want to mean to hear wrong demands of customers, but it suggested to be solved within few calls. 

6. No Follow-Up

While we understand it isn’t necessary to have a follow-up with all the clients, it should be performed randomly. It lets the customers feel quite extraordinary on very few companies like On the Beach complaints. 

It only helps strengthen the bond with the customers but gives companies free advertisements that are harder to get these days. They will feel that the company value their purchase and work on their core needs. 


Customer complaints are a very important thing that needs to be taken very seriously by the companies. Most of them believe it is just having negative feedback, but it can be used to improve its services. Many top organizations use customer complaints as a parameter to make things better for the customers. 

It has helped them reach new heights in many cases.  If you have any queries regarding this prospect, please write about it in the comment section in detail!

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