You probably know someone in your social circle who is in IT. It’s common to hear from a friend or a family member that they want to pursue a career in IT. But why is it so sought after? Why are computers and software the future? Aren’t there enough ITers out there yet? 

These are the kind of questions that are brought up whenever someone thinks about a career in IT. We answer these questions with more insights below. 

Why is IT in Such High Demand?

Very simple, in the current day and age everything runs off computers. If you get something from the vending machine a lot of computer power is actually involved to get you your snack; 

more computer power than you think. 

Also with the internet, there is another layer to IT, namely “Networking”.

Networking has everything to do with the internet, connection, wifi, NFC, and RFID. 

So IT is way more than just computers and keyboards. 

So it’s pretty clear to see why IT is a field that is in high demand constantly. 

More software and hardware is being built faster than we can keep up with. 

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Is IT Something That is Hard to Learn? 

Now IT, full name, Information Technology is not the easiest to get into. 

But once you are up and running, IT can be an extremely nice and challenging career path. 

A good education makes things for you in the long run way more manageable. 

If you get the education wrong from the start you might be screwed later down. 

But not all education out there is created equal, seeking out the good from the bad ones is quite the task as well, VMware is a place where they provide quality global education. 

They have been awarded multiple awards and have been proven over the years to be the solutions for individuals and companies to get into the field. 

H2 – Why Do We Rely on Computers to Run the Future? 

We’ve all heard it: “Many people are gonna lose their jobs” or “It’s dangerous, it will get out of control”. Well, IT actually creates countless job opportunities everywhere. We rely on computers to do boring work, dirty work, and dangerous work. This allows us to do creative, nice, challenging work. Computers are only as dangerous as the creator intend them in the programming. Computers are here to make our lives easier, and let us spend time on things that really matter.

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