Lead generation companies provide unique means for attracting potential customers, which is the essential function for increasing profits. While you can optimize core processes single-handedly, for example with the LeadiQ Chrome extension, specialized services will make your efforts more successful. Efficiently delegating your lead generation tasks to a specialized provider allows you to:

  • focus on core business objectives;
  • boost sales volumes;
  • increase ROI.

All you need to do is pick the right service provider. We are here to make your life easier – here are the market’s top lead generation services providers that will help you avoid the poor quality of service and achieve the best results.


A renowned agency that provides everything you need to activate your B2B sales funnel, as well as full support at reasonable rates. Belkins.io offers:

  • research of the most suitable leads through all available paid or free channels and obtain potential customers;
  • super reliable email delivery;
  • making appointments on your behalf;
  • converting MQL to SQL, etc.

Belkins.io is rated highly for the features it provides to help you focus on sales rather than lead generation issues, such as the following:

  • Sync client calendars with leads that match your ideal client profile;
  • Access dozens of sources while a unique approach to data processing allows you to create a customized list of targeted leads.
  • Get profiles of clients on LinkedIn who are growing into influencers and opinion leaders in the industry. With traffic augmented by an email channel, your LinkedIn audience easily converts into webinar attendees, generating leads.

Belkins.io also has statistical numbers to boast:

  • Leads generated ─ about 17,5 million.;
  • Emails delivered ─ over 28 million.
  • Lead meet-ups planned ─ around 102 thousand.

This agency is perfect for streamlining email delivery by destinations. Folderly software employed by the company guarantees that your emails make leads’ inboxes 100% of the time! The software works no worse and even better than the heavily advertised superhuman prospecting mail service. It’s no coincidence that Belkins has over 800 organizations as clients, including global Fortune 500 brands.

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Green Leads

If you need a pipeline that has turned into a successful experience for thousands of clients, this is a great choice. One lead, one meeting, one sales conversation ─ and you got what you wanted!

The company boasts dozens of partners, hundreds of satisfied clients, and thousands of successful lead generation and appointment campaigns. By contacting them, you can count on efficiently acquiring:

  • MQL: ICP Persona compliant leads who have accepted your marketing asset (content syndication) and have demonstrated an interest in learning more about your company and offerings;
  • HQL: leads who answered clarifying questions and expressed interest in talking to one of your sales representatives;
  • SDR/LDR outsourcing tailored to your individual needs;
  • SQL: Qualified leads who made an appointment with one of your sales representatives.

The offer is not unique, but all processes work quickly, efficiently, and at reasonable costs. Green Leads is considered the best solution for medium-sized B2B companies.

Cience Technologies 

This one is a good option for organized outbound services. The company offers outbound orchestration to help expand pipelines. You are provided with streamlined features to help you focus solely on sales. You also get access to outgoing and incoming SDRs and CRM services.

Cience offers quite a standard yet utterly efficient set of features:

  • Obtain data about the target audience using relevant technologies;
  • Create a sales funnel with qualified appointments;
  • Acquire data scientists, messaging specialists, account managers, project managers, etc. (four PaaS models, including the SDR team).
  • Employ lead data integration with HubSpot CRM.

The company helps efficiently coordinate various channels to reach audiences via email, web, pre-targeted advertising, LinkedIn, and telephone. This approach brought Clience a lot of clients (about 1,200, and, yes, pun intended), servicing big names such as Yamaha, Microsoft, Google, and Uber.


The company provides transformative digital CX solutions to win new customers, build customer loyalty, and protect online communities.

They demonstrate a really high quality of service, using the latest technologies, superhuman prospecting, and their own global presence (26 campuses around the world with 15,000 employees). Their solutions are used by many fast-growing Asian companies.

TDCX’s experience has made it a trusted partner for clients in the new economy. This choice is justified if your company is involved in fintech, gaming, technology, home-sharing or travel, digital advertising or social media, streaming, or eCommerce.

Another argument in favor of this choice is the fact that the company’s corporate social responsibility program is aimed at positively transforming the lives of people, communities, and the environment in general.

Martal Group

If you want to quickly scale a technology company, you should certainly consider this option. As the least advantage you get, you won’t have to spend time searching for potential customers. The best specialists in North America will take care of your leads. If necessary, they will strengthen your internal team with top-of-the-line sales managers.

The agency specializes in lead generation for SaaS, IT, IoT, and location-based service providers. They use good enterprise software, relevant search, data annotation, video analytics, cloud backup, AI-powered applications, and other products to achieve complete consumer insight and efficient process management.

Honorable Mentions

The global market has other reliable agencies to offer to help you find a long-term efficient lead generation booster for your purposes. Let’s take a look at some extra candidates.

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing

A world-leading technology-powered marketing provider that also offers a high level of privacy. The agency employs its own smart ABM tool – the Company Store, which has a pool of over 200,000 companies. With outstanding omnichannel capabilities, the company helps generate large volumes of high-quality leads (2 million per year), with a relentless focus on new technologies and data formats.


Offers a fully integrated data-driven demand generation engine that offers multiple industry solutions to drive qualified interest. Infusemedia specialists employ a holistic, multi-channel approach to identify, qualify, and drive meaningful customer interactions. The latest innovations in digital marketing they use enable them to strategically promote content through social, programmatic, mobile, and direct advertising campaigns.

Super Human Prospecting

The company specializes in communication and the ways in which people interact with products and services. They are presented on the market relatively recently, but already enjoy the trust of thousands of customers.

What does superhuman prospecting offer?

  1. Cold calling, telemarketing, and appointment scheduling;
  2. Consulting and professional training;
  3. Event marketing management – outsourcing of lead generation through personal marketing, event marketing, and promotion.

SP works closely with the renowned consulting company Pereus Marketing, which confirms its commitment to effective work.

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Bottom Line

Each service has its own unique approach to lead generation. For instance, Infusemedia is focused on innovation. Ziff Davis Performance Marketing offers a large audience reach. Belkins.io, on the other hand, handles all aspects of a client’s needs at the topmost part of the sales funnel, from creating targeted lists to scheduling appointments with the right leads.

If the capabilities of the LeadiQ Chrome extension don’t do the trick for you, contact the professionals to either promptly get the required number of leads or set up the efficient process of their generation that reflects your brand values.