Information is everything in a data-driven, digitalized, and globalized age. As a result, science and education formed a new program for Data scientists. Gathering and analyzing vast amounts of unstructured or structured data makes a huge difference in business. It can lead to new customers, refined business models, and a better understanding of your buyers.

Data aggregation, the process of collecting data with technological advancement, also became more accessible. As a result, several business models around the Data Hoarders are now profiting from increasingly data-hungry companies.

Web Scraping

As an alternative to renting databases from specialized companies that rent managed data sets at a continuously high price, you can use web scraping software. To understand the benefits, let’s look at what is web scraping? It is an automated collection of data from various websites. The software automatically loads, crawls, and extracts data from pages.

There are levels to what web scraping software can do. Some are rudimentary and deliver the data but are complicated to use and don’t have any structure with delivered information. Other web scraping products have an intuitive interface that lets you use web scrapers in a few clicks and deliver structured data in a file or database.

Web scraping isn’t illegal, and that depends on what you do with the aggregated data sets. The most common use case is eCommerce enterprises that use web scraping techniques to monitor competitor prices.

Marketers are another category of users. A competitive global market means you have to fight for each lead, and web scraping can generate leads or phone and email lists for the first cold outreach. Real Estate companies use data aggregation to get property and owner details.

Machine learning is developing science to have more accurate output. Web scraping can provide the additional data sets to build a better machine learning experience.

SEO experts use web crawlers to analyze numerous domains and create SEO audits, link identification, and web traffic analysis.

Avoiding IP Blocks

Although web scraping is not illegal, most websites are not willingly letting all the data go, especially to competition. Websites use various techniques to repel web scrapers like the CAPTCHA system and IP blocking.

To avoid red flags on your IP address, you can use shared or dedicated data center proxy servers. SEO monitoring, e-commerce scraping, and generating leads will have safer results behind the proxy service. Datacenter proxies provide the fastest network crucial to large search volumes and have unlimited bandwidth. Your web traffic is redirected through proxy IP addresses that are rotating, and most websites won’t flag your queries so that you can finish data aggregation.

It’s not easy to find the best data center proxies. First, you must know what you need, and then you can start searching. This list is a great starting point. Whoever you choose, try to avoid free proxy providers because they have slow and unreliable service with often blocked IPs. On top of that, free proxies might monitor your traffic, and you can encounter malware and excessive advertising.

Data Providers

If you don’t feel like using web scrappers, numerous data providers have data packages they rent to third parties. Data-as-a-Service is a valuable emerging industry for companies that need extensive data sets to broaden their business.

The main benefit of paid aggregation service companies is convenience. For example, if you rent data, you will get clean and structured forms you can use immediately. In addition, such DaaS providers are easy to use, and you can integrate data sets with your software seamlessly.

For small and medium businesses, data aggregators provide features that can compete with large companies and their systems.

Unlike web crawlers, data providers can be expensive, and they have a renting model, which means you have an ongoing cost of service. You only rent the data when you use such a DaaS company, limiting your maneuvering options and capabilities.

Why is data aggregation so important? A great example comes from the eCommerce industry, surpassing $7.3 billion in market value in 2025. In such stiff competition, eCommerce providers must do everything in their power to create an advantage and reach customers. Structured data sets are the significant first step in that direction.

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Bottom Line

Getting the correct data is essential to gaining insights into today’s business environment. It’s not always easy to gather the large quantities of data required to make a sound analysis. If you need in-depth SEO analysis, eCommerce competitors’ data, or lead generation in marketing, data aggregation is the way to go.

You can use quality and efficient web crawlers to collect and deliver data in databases or files. The software works seamlessly with proxy providers that help you avoid IP blocking and red flags. Alternatively, you can rent data from Data-as-a-service providers that come with some convenient benefits and much higher costs.