OOH, advertising stands for Out-of-Home Advertising. It refers to when a company advertises its product to the public with the medium of Billboards, banners, posters, etc. All these promotional strategies have been practiced for a long time all around the world. These ads use more than one type of promotion, DOOH, and POOH (Digital-Out-of-Home and Printed-Out-of-Home) advertising. We are going to discuss Digital-Out-of-Home and Printed-Out-of-Home networks in the next section.


Since now you guys are aware that OOH is divided into 2 classifications. So, let us discuss them in this section.

DOOH (Digital-Out-of-Home)

As the name suggests, Digital out-of-home advertising service means showcasing the product and services through digital mediums. Almost every digital medium is being used in the advertisements of the startup. The digital-Out-of-Home network is further divided into 2 groups. Digital Place-based Networks (DPN) and Digital Billboards and Signage (DBB).

  1. DPN: DPN (Digital Place-Based Network) advertising is when the products and services are promoted via digital billboards and posters on the basis of the destination and the place. This option is best for practicing Place-Based Advertising. For example, promoting business services in a cafe or in a public workplace.
  2. DBB: The other part of the advertisement is Digital Billboard and Signage (DBS) Network. This type of network consists of massive big screens that are set up in public places. The only difference between DPN and DBS networks is that these billboards are not set up on the basis of location. They are placed randomly in places with a high volume of crowds to attract their attention with beautiful and creative ads. For example, city squares, malls, roads, highways, etc.

POOH (Printed-Out-of-Home)

Printed-Out-of-Home advertising is the most common type of advertising that you can see around you. It consists of all the mediums through which a physical product promotion is done. Physical banners, posters, Billboards, mobile billboards, etc are examples of POOH advertisements.

This was a brief explanation of the types of OOH advertisements. We hope this was helpful to you. In the next section, we will tell you how beneficial these advertisements can get for new startups. 

OOH Advertisements: Made for Startups

If you are a company in the first stages of creating a business, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to getting your name out there. Out-of-home (or, OOH) advertising is the perfect first step when it comes to promoting your brand and products or services.

Here are 5 reasons why OOH ads are a step in the right direction for your business:

Billboard and Moving Advertisements Attract Attention

According to Statista, 45% of UK adults reported they responded to an outdoor billboard in one way or another. Billboards are a famous way of promoting products and brands and are a perfect example of how OOH advertising gets your name out there to help stand out to the public. Buses, trains, tubes, and their stations are crowded with thousands of people every day, and a poster advert would be seen and taken notice of by the majority. 

Views from Your Target Audience

It is easy for your message to get lost amongst the incorrect audience with advertising – whether it be the wrong location, time of day, format, or design. But with the research that is crucial before promoting your business, you can ensure that you are reaching the correct audience and that your OOH ads reach the height of the correct public attention for your business. 

Eye-Catching Designs Bring Memorable Impact

Promotions in cities, streets, bus or train stations, and on busy roads can be an extremely competitive business strategy. But it is competitive for a reason. Digital broadcasting screens with HD color and moving images and video draw attention from anyone in their proximity, and the same goes for posters, billboards, and other forms of OOH ads. If your brand has a unique and eye-catching design and brand, you are pretty much guaranteed to gain custom from the promotion. 

Affordable and Beneficial Promoting for Your Start-Up

Out-of-home advertising can sound expensive and slightly overwhelming at first, especially if you are a brand-new business with little experience in promotions at all. But it can be budget-friendly and cost-effective, all while bringing positive attention to your brand and giving you the recognition crucial to making your business popular and known. 

For those that don’t know where to begin, there is help available. For example, Clear Start by Clear Channel offers start-ups the opportunity to develop and grow their businesses with out-of-home advertising reaching 93% of the UK’s attention, taking away the uncertainties. 

OOH Advertising Gives Digital and Physical Company Recognition

Having your company name well known is a goal for every start-up. Using OOH advertising is the perfect way to make that happen. Consumers trust the ads that they see out in the real world, and a public opinion poll found that over 80% of people believe billboards and other forms of out-of-home advertising to be informative and useful.

It continues to attract attention, gain recognition and promote businesses across the country. Start-ups can benefit massively just from having their name displayed and advertised physically and digitally to a public audience, and statistics show that it is a brilliant way to build up your business.

Avail OOH Services Today

Many big marketing agencies provide marketing services in respective states all over the USA. We have noted down some reputed and excellent players in the marketing field that can promote your startup to a larger population.

Company NameStateDisplaysRegion
Lamar AdvertisingLouisiana161,300South
Outfront MediaNew York42,125East
Clear Channel OutdoorNew York40,382East
Adams OutdoorGeorgia10,000South East
Reagan OutdoorUtah9,300West
Headrick OutdoorMississippi2,700South
Stott OutdoorCalifornia777West
Regency OutdoorCalifornia265West


By reading this article, you might have understood how beneficial OOH advertisements can be for your startup. There are large numbers of advertising services that are available in the market.

According to the research, the OOH market would increase worldwide at an exponential percentage in the upcoming years.

OOH Market

This graph predicts the revenue that will be generated in this market by 2028. 

For a startup, it is one of the best business plans to avail of the OOH ad services.