Technology is changing all aspects of the world around us for the better. We don’t always notice small changes, but the scale seems enormous in the long term when we think about it.

It wasn’t easy to pick out the three most notable, but we gave it a try.


Many of you have probably come across the news about the man watching the FIFA game, thinking it was a EURO 2020 match. Nothing is surprising in such confusion: video games are getting more realistic every year. For cyber athletes, the heat of the competition is sometimes even more dramatic than at the last Olympic Games. Spectators watch, and bettors try to predict the winners of Dota 2, CS: Go, Fifa, LoL competitions because of the emotions and drive the competitors to give them. That’s how betting on cyber athletes came about. Gamblers use bonuses, like the ones on this list bookmaker-ratings, to get the most out of their first bet.

eSports has become a relief for a younger generation who are tired of what they think is an outdated sport. Bright, noisy, unpredictable events become the obvious counterbalance to the relatively quiet and measured course of tennis or water polo matches.

Also, the relatively low entry threshold to eSports and the great rewards are compelling, with top players on winning teams earning up to $1m per year. That compares with average earnings at clubs at the bottom of the Premier League table but is superior in physical cost.

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Since its inception, blockchain and everything associated with it have had a massive impact on businesses and economies worldwide. Betting has also not been left out since Bitcoin became a household name for all cryptocurrencies.

The development of payment options has facilitated the use of blockchain technology. For example, while it was only possible to securely add money to an account via credit card or check in the past, there are now many more options. The most convenient ones are e-wallets and blockchain, which are available at many big bookmakers, as one of the most technological and secure ones.

But blockchain is not just a payment method. There are already many video games based on the latest technology. The likes of Sorare update the concept of fantasy football. The game is based on buying NFTs of varying rarity tied to real players and receiving bonuses in Ethereum based on their performance in matches. Sorare is now the most extensive sports project in terms of sales in the NFT segment.

Perhaps the oldest and most respected company offering collectible cards, Topps, made a similar offer in the MLB market this spring. All available card packs have already sold out and are now only available on the secondary market.

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Social media

According to Forbes, 3.8 billion people are active on social media. That number equaled 49% of Earth’s population in 2020. Social media in betting is becoming a powerful tool for all players. Without taking a break from chatting with your friends, you can go to a neighboring community and check out results, statistics, and previews of upcoming games that interest you.

On average, most mobile phone users spend at least two hours daily on social networks. That is why betting companies are targeting their advertising campaigns to this audience. Social media users are easier to categorize and target ads to maximize their success.

Also, by using social networking features such as creating thematic communities, it is easier for bookmakers to communicate information to interested users. For example, create groups with forecasts based on in-depth analysis of statistical data from invited experts. These features are convenient for clients and the company.