Blockchain technology might is an engineering marvel in the modern world. But there is a dark side involved with it. This dark side directly affects our lovely climate and its unfortunate change. Initially, when its development was at its peak, climate impact wasn’t the preferred concern to worry about. Due to this, the Defi system has to face sustainability issues and till the time Defi is boosted to its mainstream concerns, its feasibility matter came up forefront. 

Moreover, among all the issues related to cryptocurrency, sustainability problems will be the first to come into the picture. Although both Ethereum and Bitcoin are not fruitful for a long period as per future aspects. Moreover, it will possess a significant issue for the DeFi system of finance which is growing at a considerable pace. Maybe visit to register and start buying and selling or using this virtual currency for daily transactions.

Keeping these issues in mind, there are a lot of initiatives and decisions made to make the technology more sustainable. One of them is Brokoli Network. This piece of writing will give you a detailed introduction to the topic and its functioning. 

About Brokoli Network

Brokoli Network is a unique and great initiative taken by an Estonia-Based company founded by Matthew Le Marle. It was launched in 2021 with positive intentions to make DeFi more sustainable and a blessing for the future self. 

According to a research paper by Harvard University, for every $1 involved in cryptocurrency, 66% of them ultimately results to damage to the climate. Noticing this unfortunate fact, the organization decided to launch an initiative to make an impact. Contrary to the situation, with every transaction, they plant a tree to make this world a better place.

Okay! This was about how this Network is so good and what positive steps it is going to take. But the question arises how does it work and from where all the finance is supported?

Where Does All the Money Come From?

You have a doubt that who supports this organization and where its finance comes from. Is it supported by the government? Does any NGO fund it? Let us tell you.

For every transaction made in cryptocurrencies, there is a slippage fee that is charged. It may range from 0.05% to 10% of the original transaction value. It is the difference between the amount you expect to trade and the actual amount it trades. 

Brokoli tries to eliminate this leftover fee by providing an option to donate to the cause. The User is given the liberty to choose the percentage of the fee prior to making the transaction. The leftover fee, or the fee not in use is then used to offset the carbon footprint from the environment. 

With every transaction, the user has to agree to donate to them to  participate in the mission. To appreciate their movement, the participants are awarded a “Climate Positivity Badge”. 

With every transaction made by the user, a seed is planted on the earth, which the user can track. Moreover, he or she can experience their forest in the metaverse. Up to that, they can customize their tree the way they want and regularly track their growth. 

If the matter is about the Brokoli network, it is itself an exceptional feasibility layer of multi-chain Defi. Therefore, due to the merger of both the Defi and Gamefi systems, a user would have more incentives to make and own their trade with optimal results. 

Brokoli’s core: in the case of both DEXs and apps, it is one of the ts best and most environment-friendly gateways for both apps. 

API:  in case the users are forced to pay a small climate fee on any blockchain platform whether it is centralized or decentralized, can implement the API to allow them to compensate for their transaction’s prices. 

How does the Credit Impact by the Digital Forest/Brokoli: 

As users embedded for the NFTs and the raising fund for the NFT will recover after a specific period. While these NFTs would be available for trading purposes, it eventually impacts the credit available. Although these obligations are a basic necessity for the real world. The NFT received from the users depends on the fundamentals of trees they already funded. 

However, the trading of NFT is similar to how they impact the credits. Broccoli is known to be the first-time introduced project as it admires all the social responsibilities as pegged on the real forest and furthers the climate-positive DEX with support as well. As we talk about Brokoli’s DEX, the carbon offset can be enabled for everyday trading. Although these functionalities execute without distracting the experience of participants.

Brokoli’s Decentralised Offsetting Process

Three reasons for climate fee payment where three causes will receive the funds:

  1. Carbon impression is counteracted by planting trees.
  2. Financing e-waste collection and recycling programs.

The allocation of funds is decided by the snapshot-powered community vote which would further select the renewable projects and e-waste exhibition charities. Moreover, the results can be seen by the users via online mode. 

It would further show the fund and distribution and how much fund is allocated to a particular project. Moreover, the charity sectors were authorized by them to recycle firms working with e-waste and pledge. In this way, the availability of interest-free loans and electric waste treatment facilities can be availed. 

What is the Aim of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

This organization will supervise the Brokoli network with their tokens as $BRKL. These tokens can be helpful for them to choose their votes or the decision based on the e-waste collection, energy projects, and Brokoli as well. Further, it will introduce advanced governance known as instant governance. Therefore, this community can take part in benefits and vote for some particular protocols without any restriction to get entered. Moreover, the users can make changes to make the world a better place. This network is user-friendly and completely transparent as well. 

Final Thoughts

The core purpose of the Brokoli network is to tackle the sustainability issues due to which the Defi system can be haunted. Moreover, this all-on-one DEX with and supports an optimistic change in climate can be seen via the users while executing their day-to-day transactions. The crypto community can further take part in benefits supported by specific protocols without any restrictions thereof. 

Are you also somehow invested in the crypto world? Do you also want to live in a pure and sound environment just like us? Then you should also take part in their mission. After all, this is the only world that we have got for our survival. 

These kinds of institutions believe in selfless growth and development for all are a blessing in disguise. Plus, when a technology like blockchain is involved in the mission, it gets super easy for the users to participate in the cause. It is just a few clicks that matters. Your minimal amount of fee can generate a lot of money and finance to support them.