Supply Chain Management is basically a network, between companies, inventories, and distributors. This is a system that regulates the flow of goods and products. The main goal of Supply chain management is to maintain all the requirements of the production house, by supplying the raw materials on time and also maintaining the supply of the products to the distributors from there. There are numerous entities involved in this process. Some of them are – producers, vendors, warehouses, transportation companies, distribution centers, and retailers.  In this article, let’s dig a little deeper on what are the technologies that are used in Supply chain management systems. Also, if you are looking to build a career around this domain, then read till the end as we will also tell you about the Digital Supply chain management training through which you can explore this domain. So, let’s get started- 

The technologies used in Supply Chain management are experiencing drastic advancements with each passing day. Here are the top 5 technologies that are used in Supply chain Management. 

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence has proven to be an amazing solution to a lot of problems in various domains and Supply chain management is not an exception. Artificial Intelligence has huge potential to grow and regulate supply chain management systems. They can be used to enhance and even automate management works, enhance decision making, and reinvent business models, and ecosystems.  They also have the potential to refurbish customer satisfaction approaches to business models. 

Internet of Things (IoT):

IoT is not part of the entire end-to-end process of Supply chain management systems however; its usage is increasing in this domain. They are generally used for preventive maintenance, sourcing of raw materials and goods, manufacturing of the products, logistics, and also in demand management and services. The main benefits are better monitoring, higher uptime through remote management and monitoring systems, better customer satisfaction rate, due to better understanding of customer behavior, and much more. It is also used in shaping the system according to customer demands. 

Robotic Process Automation:

Using Robotic Process Automation or RPA comes with numerous advantages, the key ones being- Reduced errors, if the process is automated; the chances of errors are extremely minimal when compared to the earlier modes. It also helps in cost reduction as the manual labor work expenses that were spent each month are reduced to only a one-time investment in automation and lastly, it speeds up the entire process of production as the number of people is reduced and the tasks are pre-assigned.  Robotic Process Automation or RPA is capturing the market by Storm. 


Smart contracts and traceability and authentication are examples of certain highly decentralized supply chain management functions, these are key users of blockchain. Numerous businesses are now trying out the potential of Blockchain in Supply chain management systems. Even though the bigger and more advanced uses are still being tested, a few of the pilot projects have provided good results with blockchains. The best example of blockchain use is diamond traction. Blockchain is used to track the movement of diamonds. This is done by developing a digital record through blockchain. These are done by inscribing the diamonds with lasers. 

Conversational Systems:

 This is the most recent innovation that has helped a lot in customer services. Conversational systems are mostly implemented today in virtual personal assistants or VPAs and chatbots. They help in taking the interaction and conversation to the next level without any human interaction. They can handle discovery questions and also offer solutions to the queries on their own. Apart from that, they can also handle payment gateways and transactions. 

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Digital Supply Chain Management Training- 

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