Setting up a company in the Netherlands is cost-effective and simple. But, how you start a company in the Netherlands will depend on your situation.

If You Have an Existing Company Coming to the Netherlands 

If you already have an existing company, your options for coming to the Netherlands are to just open a branch office, transfer your entire business to Dutch, or open a representative office. Read more about registering an existing company here.

If You Have an Innovative Startup 

You may qualify to start a company in the Netherlands if you have an innovative startup. The Orange Carpet treatment is a Dutch startup package that gives you access to government funding and a visa to come to the Netherlands. Find out if you are eligible on the Dutch government’s site. 

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If You are Starting a Side Hustle in Addition to Your Full-Time Job

Maybe you already have a full-time job in the Netherlands and want to branch out with a side hustle or part-time business of your own. First, you will need to double-check your employment contract to ensure that you are eligible to have a side business. You should discuss your plans with your employer; although you don’t legally have to it can prevent legal problems. But, if you have a full-time job in the Netherlands, and your employer approves, then you are eligible to start a business in the Netherlands. 

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If You are a Student or a Minor

You don’t have to be 18 to start a business in the Netherlands. However, you cannot act as a legal person, but you shouldn’t need to for a simple business plan. Special rules may apply for minors and students when setting up a business in the Netherlands, but the Dutch do make it possible for anyone to start a business. 

You can visit InterCompanySolutions to learn more about how to start a company in the Netherlands. 

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