Are you scared to start an online business because you don’t know much about technology? If you know how to run a Facebook account, you’ll probably be able to run your own website, but you will eventually run into problems.

Luckily, there are many ways you’ll be able to get help. You’ve just got to choose the right option for your business, so let’s look at the most popular ones. Do your research because each one has its pros and cons.

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1. Managed IT Providers

If you want a fully operational tech department working for your company, hire a managed IT provider to help you out. Once you notice something is wrong, you’ll be able to call them up to fix the problem straight away.

Maybe you won’t run into problems in the first place because the company will ensure everything is running smoothly. Choose a provider in the same time zone, so Alberta businesses should look for Calgary-based managed IT services.

2. Technical Co-Founder

Many non-tech founders come up with a million-dollar idea for an app or SaaS business. Instead of spending years learning how to write code, they’ll try to find a co-founder with enough experience to build the product.

If the business doesn’t work out, you won’t waste money on a full-time developer. I know you’ll probably need to give away 50% of the company, but when you sell for millions of dollars you won’t regret it.

3. First Full-Time Hire

Some people wait until they’re bringing in money before making their first full-time hire. If you have money to invest in your business, you could bring in a developer straight away. It’s a huge risk that could go wrong.

If it goes right, you’ll still own 100% of your business. You could come to some kind of arrangement if you don’t want to give away half your company. Maybe give someone 20% of the business, plus a reduced salary for a few years.

4. A Virtual Assistant

You’ll be able to find lots of cheap virtual assistants in countries where the cost of living is lower. In the Philippines, India, and Eastern European countries, you’ll find VAs who have a good understanding of English too.

If your virtual assistant knows how to write code, they’ll be able to build your product. It will cost you less than hiring someone from your own country. Just make sure you spend time looking for the right virtual assistant.

5. Freelancing Websites

There are lots of freelancing websites with skilled developers. It’s the perfect solution for founders who want to work with someone full-time. Once you start making money, you’ll be able to hire an employee to take over.

You can give an estimate of how much you’re willing to pay for a project, or you can tell everyone how much you’re willing to pay per hour. If you hire a freelancer from a job board, pay close attention to their past reviews.

It’s Possible to Start Now

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a technical background. Don’t use it as an excuse to put your dreams on hold for years.

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