How to find someone’s IP address on Discord’ is a common question that often comes up in online discussions. Due to Discord’s strict Transport Layer Security (TLS) security, the consensus is that because Discord hosts its servers, it is impossible to get someone’s IP address from Discord.

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That’s not accurate, though. You can learn how to find someone’s IP address on discord using the information in this article. You might want to obtain someone’s Discord IP in many circumstances. But not everybody is skilled in doing it.

It is fairly feasible to carry it out using a particular method or a program that could determine the user’s IP. But you should, remember that, you shouldn’t use the techniques below for illegal purposes.

With that said, continue reading this article to know how to get someone’s IP through Discord.

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How To Find Someone’s IP Address on Discord?

IP addresses can determine a person’s location (at least to a region or country). Still, Discord doesn’t provide a direct way to do so because doing so would violate its users’ privacy. 

People usually create Discord accounts because of their privacy. However, you can get around this and use alternative tools to get someone’s IP address on Discord.

Method 1:Use Discord IP Grabber

IP grabber is unquestionably one of the best ways to find someone’s address. You can find and track IP using a variety of Discord IP grabber extensions, websites, or IP grabber Discord mobile applications. Here is an illustration of obtaining an IP address using Grabify:

Step 1: Launch the Discord app or go to the website to sign in with your account. Before beginning the process, make sure your target is online on Discord.

Step 2: Start a conversation with the target in the messages on your Discord account.

Step 3: Go to the Grabify website by opening a new tab in your web browser.

Grabify IP Logger

Step 4: On Grabify, you can paste the link you want to send to the recipient. Ensure the link is to the original video, image, or meme you selected.

After you click on Create URL, a new link will be generated by Grabify that you can send to the target. You can also alter the link in any domain form you desire, such as or

Step 5: Remember to save the tracking code you received when Grabify created the link.

Link information generated by Grabify

Step 6: Now, share the link once the discussion has reached its mature stage, and you two now regard each other as friends. A file, video, image, or even a meme could be used to convey the message. 

However, what you send should be compelling enough to convince the target to click.

Step 7: As soon as the target clicks the link, you should return to the Grabify website. On the homepage, enter the tracking code and select Tracking Code to view all the data that Grabify has collected. 

IP address and other information

Now just open the results icon to view the generated IP address after that. You will have access to the target’s IP address, location, and other information within a short period.

Method 2: Use Discord IP Resolver

Discord IP Resolver is the next Discord IP grabber you can use to find someone’s IP address on the platform. It is a tracking tool with cutting-edge technology that can find any information you need. Discord IP Resolver operates by using a packet interception scan technique.

Learn how to use the Discord IP resolver to find someone’s Discord IP address by following the simple steps below:

Step 1: Open Discord IP Resolver by searching for it on your web browser.

Step 2: After that, open Discord and select the setting menu in the upper-left corner. Now, go to Appearance and enable Developer mode. 

Enable Developer Mode

Step 3: Go to your Discord account and look at the target’s profile. Right-click the person’s profile to copy their ID; this will be used to create the target’s IP address.

Step 4: You must paste the ID into a space at the top of the Discord IP resolver page after copying it.

Paste the user ID

Step 5: Once you have pasted the ID, click on Resolve for the IP address of the target to be revealed. Your required details, such as the target’s IP address and location, will be generated by the Discord IP resolver.

Note: It’s crucial to remember that you can only find someone’s IP address on Discord when they are online. As a result, you must complete the exercise while the target is online on Discord.

Method 3: Use IP Logger

Another way to find someone’s IP address on discord is through IP Logger. This tool is an efficient Discord IP tracker which help you easily get someone’s IP address.

Note: This solution only works if the person is okay with clicking the link.

Here are the steps for how to get someone’s IP from Discord using IP Logger tool:

Step 1: To begin, you need to get the person’s URL. For that, copy the link from their profile page.

Step 2: Then, open your respective web browser and visit IP Logger website.

IP Logger Website

Step 3: There on the IP Logger website, paste the profile link of the person into the designated area. 

Paste the Profile Link1

Step 4: As you paste the profile URL of the person, it will create a new link that you can then share with the user to acquire their IP address.

Creates a New Link

Step 5: After that, simply save the tracking code that IP Logger creates with the link.

Save the Tracking Code

Note: This tracking code is essential for tracking the user later on.

Step 6: Now, you can use a link shortener to conceal IP Logger and mask the domain name before sharing the link with the user, so they won’t see IP Logger in the URL.

Use Link Shorteners

Step 7: Lastly, you need to share the link with the user and encourage them to click on it. 

Share the link with the user

Note: It’s essential to generate curiosity or interest in the link to access the IP address; otherwise, you won’t be able to obtain it.

When they click on it, you can utilize your tracking ID to verify the IP address obtained through IP Logger.

 Method 4: Use Wireshark

The open-source packet analyzer Wireshark is free to use. It can be utilized in network troubleshooting, analysis, the creation of software and communications protocols, and instruction. 

It can also be used to download packages from Discord, which allows you to get someone’s IP through Discord and device information. Follow these steps to get someone’s IP on Discord with Wireshark:

Step 1: Download and install Wireshark by selecting the correct version, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Install Wireshark

Step 2: Exit all other apps and programs to ensure accurate results. After that, sign in to Discord and begin a conversation with your intended audience member. 

Step 3: Look up discord in the window while using Wireshark. It will display every action taking place in the discord. Try searching for discord in each of the different protocols.

Look up DIscord

Step 4: It may take some time, but check the various packages until you find the one specifically for the intended user.

Step 5: Once you find that particular IP address, you can check its location using the whatismyipaddress website.

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Use Command Prompt Tool

To get someone’s IP address on Discord, you can also use the command prompt option. All Windows-based devices come with the tool pre-installed; you have to launch it and enter a command. It enables you to carry out several tasks, such as examining browser and system connections.

Step 1: Close all open browsers and applications besides the one you’re using.

Step 2: Access your account by opening Discord through the website.

Step 3: Open the command prompt by clicking Window + R and typing CMD on the Run dialog box on your computer.

Run Command Prompt

Meanwhile, on your Discord account, engage the target user in conversation and give them reasons to stick around.

Step 4: Type netstat -an into your command prompt and keep conversing with the target individual until their code on the command prompt displays the state as Established.

Look for the established IP address

Step 5: Finally, you can copy the IP address of that user.

Bonus: How to Hide Your IP Address on Discord?

Now, if learning that you can track someone’s IP address using the method mentioned above makes you wonder how to hide your own IP address, know that there are several methods to do so. For example—

  • You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to route your internet traffic through a different server, masking your IP.
  • Then, there are Proxy servers that also act as intermediaries between your device and the internet for hiding your IP address.
  • Another way to hide your IP address from someone is to use Tor. It is a network that bounces your connection through multiple relays, making it difficult to trace back to your original IP address.
  • Last but not least, using a Private Browsing mode or a Browser extension that conceals your IP can also help.

Note: While these methods enhance your privacy definitely, they might not guarantee complete anonymity. Therefore, being cautious about the tools you use and how you behave online is crucial to maintain privacy and enhance safety.


There may be situations where you need to get someone’s IP address from Discord. However, it is crucial that you use the IP addresses appropriately, or you risk getting into trouble. For the user’s security, immediately hide the IP address from anyone else.

The techniques in this article will make it simple for you to get someone’s IP through Discord if you want to learn how to obtain someone’s Discord IP address. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: Your general geographic location, usually your city or postal code, is the only information that can be directly obtained from your IP address. But a hacker might be able to steal your identity or use it to commit online impersonation if they know more details about you, like your birthdate.

Ans: IP grabbing is not prohibited, but how you use it is what counts. For instance, some websites might want to take note of your IP address to look up your location so they can figure out where their traffic is coming from.

Hackers may also obtain your IP address for malicious purposes, though. Thus, obtaining an IP address for legitimate purposes is acceptable, but doing so for unlawful purposes is prohibited.

Ans: When utilizing some of these platforms, there are various techniques for hiding your IP address. To make it difficult for anyone to obtain your IP addresses, use proxies or VPNs.

Ans: Your IP address does not get leaked by Discord. People primarily obtain their IP addresses using other methods, but your IP address is not made public by Discord on its own.

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