Before we submerge ourselves in the online vs. offline shopping debate, let’s rein in a horse and consider this. Having a brick-and-mortar store constructed and a website set up will surely pay off much more than just having either this or that. Founded in 1994 in San Francisco, Old Navy is a fashion chain that has spread across the states to over 1100 authentic stores. Along the way, over 4 million people collect Old Navy coupon code and shop the web store of this fashion brand on a special every year. 

Even businesses that heavily rely on the web tend to keep tangible, physical stores. Founded in 2006 in Los Angeles, Fashion Nova has been revving up its marketing powers to involve celebrities, athletes, bloggers, signers, and other popular people to promote the brand. Such a great emphasis on social media marketing allows for a great number of sales and Fashion Nova promo codes. Yet despite placing a heavy accent on its online operations, the company has five brick-and-mortar shopping destinations. 

Online Shopping is Growing, But Not Prevailing. 

With just five physical stores in Sothern California, Fashion Nova reaps the ripe fruits of insane popularity worldwide. By engaging high-profile influences, the company makes it to the constellation of Instagram’s top profiles with its over 20-million audience. 

Fashion Nova’s growth rate has been 600% in recent years. The number indicates the growth of sheer insanity. Proliferating at such a brisk, viral pace, this fashion brand seems to be making us witness the end of offline shopping. However, many customers worldwide remain brick-and-mortar shop-goers, not online store surfers. The 2012-2021 period sees offline sales drop from 92% in 2012 to 80.9% in 2021 of the total sales worldwide. Even though online sales doubled during this timeframe (from 8% in 2012 to 19.1% in 2021), offline shopping remains the main source of income. 

With eCommerce sales swelling and offline shopping remaining a base, each type of business affords growth opportunities. It is important to gain a clear insight into the portfolio of advantages online and offline shopping offers.

The Benefits of eCommerce Sales

Open 24/7

There are no closing hours. You can place an order online anytime wherever you are.

Easy and Quick Navigation 

Search filters help to find desired items in a matter of seconds. Many brands also offer an app. Once launched, it introduces a user to a convenient interface specifically contoured to a smartphone. 

Targe Market Expansion

Out of the 8-billion global human population, over 50% surf the web regularly. 

Affordable Marketing

Social media advertising allows a company to reach new audiences, drive traffic and increase conversions at a much lower cost than traditional marketing.  

Lower Operational Costs

Prime investment and maintenance expenses that a physical store requires are absolutely incomparable with the set-up and maintenance costs of a website and an app. 

The Benefits of a Brick-and-Mortar Store

Customers Feel Instant Gratification

There is no need to wait for the arrival of the order. A product evokes the feeling of satisfaction and happiness right on the spot, dramatically increasing the chance of purchase.

A Shopper Can Explore and Test a Product on Site

An ability to peruse a product helps a shopper explore every nook and cranny of a product. It significantly reduces returns and negative customer reviews. 

Interpersonal Communication Improves Brand Awareness

A skilled salesperson can easily turn a prospect who just looks around into a customer. 

Easy and Fast Returns

A customer brings an item back themselves. A company doesn’t have to cover the cost of return shipping.  

The Ambiance of a Welcoming Environment

The Interior and exterior design of a store, hospitable personnel, pleasant background music, and persuasive sales tactics create good vibes. A welcoming environment appeals to visitors, encouraging them to buy more. 


Not so long ago, just a few decades, an online store was rather regarded as the wonder of nature than a routine thing. But if you look out of the window of your precious, cozy house, you will see that we all live in 2022. At the end of 2021, retail e-commerce sales crossed the mark of $4.9 trillion across the globe. This figure is forecast to hit $7.4 trillion by 2025. These numbers make a statement. If a company bogs down in a physical store, it loses business opportunities. Nevertheless, almost all the world’s known online retailers allow customers to walk about the shelves and enjoy the tactile experience and aesthetic pleasure. The examples of Fashion Nova and Old Navy suggest that each type of business affords the opportunity for prosperity. What matters is whether or not the brains of a company play their cards right and prove to be among the best brains in the business world.