A certification is undeniably a remarkable way to advance your career. And if you’re interested in honing your skills in AWS services and technologies, try to consider the Architect Associate. Below are the noteworthy points that encompass the concerning designation as well as the significant benefits of having this validation on your application.

Demonstrates Your Technical Knowledge

The Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate endorsement is given to those who have successfully cleared the SAA-C02, an exam that consists of 65 items and a time duration of 130 minutes. This particular evaluation focuses on your ability in designing and deploying applications and architectures on key Architect Professional technologies. This means that completing this evaluation signifies that you have the right set of skills needed for the solutions architect role.

Indicates Your Mastery of the Design Principles and Core Practices

Aside from your technical understanding, the certification also showcases your command in using architectural design standards in accordance with the customer requirements. Your mastery also includes giving relevant guidance and following the best industry and organizational practices.

Gives You an Edge When Applying for a Job

The above features of the exam, allow you to stand out in a throng of applicants. The certification reveals that you have what it takes to do the tasks effectively and efficiently. More so, it assures employers that your knowledge is at par with the needs of the company. As a result, you are highly prioritized, giving you an edge when applying for your preferred position or even a promotion.

Increases Your Annual Salary Rate

According to PayScale, a Cloud Practitioner receives at least $115, 000 per year. This may further vary depending on your job position and length of experience. Therefore, this certification is often used by those who want to grow their financial worth and get better monetary benefits.

Opens up an Incredible Array of Job Opportunities

Along with the solutions architect role, this also unlocks a wide range of career opportunities. Some associated technical positions include senior engineer, DevOps engineer, data engineer, cloud solutions architect, software developer, and data scientist, among others.

Offers You Better Job Security

Reality check, people come and go, so is your job. Thus, securing your position for a long time may be a challenge, most especially with the growing number of intellects who may vie for your spot in the future. That is why you need to be competitive and make use of certifications to keep your skills current and in demand among employers.

Boost Your Confidence

Lastly, with an Amazon AWS Certification, you are bound for greater heights and better perks. This gives you the confidence to do your job proficiently. And in return, you are acknowledged not just by your employers but also by your peers.


Attaining the Amazon is truly an amazing opportunity to showcase your skills and enjoy its key benefits. So, make the most out of your preparation journey and bring your A-game during the exam day.