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This short read will help your find the best fit for your explainer video needs. So, without any further ado, Let’s Begin! 

Do you know how much do customers prefer to watch product explainer videos? Well, approximately 50% of the viewers search for product-related videos on the internet before they make any purchase. 

According to this statistic, half of the internet viewers want to see product videos by their favorite brands to know more about the product and the services the company or brand is providing for video marketing. 

Videos are not just preferred by customers or viewers but also by the company to stay in the competition. Branding and marketing agencies worldwide are now arriving at the point of realization that unique and compelling ways and technologies for video marketing strategies can help engage more than 60% of the online users to their client’s brand. 

But what video style is effective for marketing, branding, information delivery, and brand engagement? The animated explainer video is the answer, and hiring an explainer video company is the solution! 

Why Hire the Best Explainer Video Company 

The expectation of the audience has risen dramatically toward their favorite brands. They prefer some excellent content quality. Videos have always been the center of attention for the audience and are highly preferred over textual content. 

Video animation and production companies are the stops where you can create top-notch animated explainer videos for your marketing and product awareness. 

Here are 3 crucial points that may convince you to create your next or the first animated explainer video by an explainer video company: 

1. Experience 

The professional animation studios are consist of expert, skilled, and talented animation teams that knows what to do and how to do it. With years of working experience on various projects, the animator gets skilled and knows how to handle the project in an intense situation, which a newbie or freelancer can not tackle. 

Other than handling the criticality, animation companies know what animation style and strategy should incorporate into the production that engages and motivates the targeted audience to take certain actions. 

2. Perspective 

When we talk about perspective, who can think of ideas with a stronger vision and market eye? You? Me? An expert video production company with a grip over audience engagement and compelling video production. 

Best animated explainer video companies focus on aesthetically appealing visuals, catching script, and captivating information to create an explainer video. They think from a broader standpoint and include client & buyers’ perspectives in the video to cover the need of both. 

They deeply search about your product, service, business, competitor, and market trends, and once they have all the relevant information, they execute the production. 

3. Valuable Time 

Video production is a time-consuming process that involves various phases that require some outstanding skillsets and expertise. 

Suppose you are the CEO of XYZ company and looking after all the tasks in your company. Then, after some time, you hire a manager that has started managing tasks better and more effectively than you and generated double revenue in a short amount of time. Isn’t it a dreamy supposition? 

Let’s map this scenario in video production; you are a company (The CEO) with no video production and marketing experience, and there is an explainer video company (The Manager) with massive and awesome video animation and production portfolio. 

Who can work better and whose experience will be beneficial for the business? 

All the video production companies have detailed video marketing strategies and put effort into analysis, screenplay, editing, animation, and everything. So, hiring a video production company is advantageous in every possible way. 

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The Criteria for Choosing the Right Explainer Video Company 

To choose the right explainer video company, you first need to set the criteria and hunt for the studio accordingly. Here are six key points that you must keep in your mind while searching for an explainer video production company: 

1. The Portfolio

The quantity and the quality of the portfolio always matter. It gives you a glimpse of what you are going to get as a result if you hire this company. You don’t require an expert’s eye to examine the quality of the work, all you have to do is to ensure yourself whether you like it or not, or their style of animation will suit your company’s niches. 

2. The Customization 

Every company has its own business tone and color theme, which makes it unique from the rest. This tone and color pattern should definitely reflect in the video. 

So, evaluate the studio’s work and see whether they do personalized video production or not. Then, look for their videos on their website, landing pages, community sites, and social media platforms because most animation companies display the fake portfolio just to catch a customer – beware of them. 

If you see some creative and interactive animation work under the name of the studio, then the company really does what they claim – customization. 

3. The Price

When you start studio hunting, keep pricing and the budget at your top priority because when it comes to an explainer video, it might cost you a fortune. 

It must be important and number one condition that you will get what you have paid for. If you compromise on these criteria, you might end up spending a handsome amount of money on something extremely trash. 

There are so many animation studios around the globe that provide top-notch explainer video production services at a budget-efficient price. 

Note: Cheaper cost doesn’t always equivalent to low-quality work. So, don’t overlook a good animation company just because of their affordable pricing. But, do check what they are offering in that pricing. 

For instance, 3D animation is a bit more expensive than 2D animation (3D modeling, layout, animation, rendering, and stuff). So if you opt for the 3D animation service, it automatically raises the production time and cost. 

4. The Communication 

There is a wise saying that communication is the key to influencing others. Observe how the contacted studio responds to your requirements and ideas. 

If they keenly listen to your objectives, then this is the studio you have been looking for, but if you get any vague response, then none of the efforts matters because, unfortunately, in the end, you will have an unsatisfying product. 

So, start the conversation with the discovery process. See how much the studio is interested in understanding your business, product, and goals and what ideas it suggests to you. If you get satisfied with the communication, it will increase the 50% chance of getting the expected product. 

5. The Reviews

This is the step where all secrets are revealed. Visit review sites, look for the studio’s real clients, and see how they have evaluated the studio. 

It works as an eye-opener for the users and saves them from fraud and false claimers. In addition, you can learn how was their experience working with the studio and how actually they acted with the clients. 

6. The Flexibility 

Many video animation and production companies simply take your money and make all of the decisions and strategies for your project. But, to be honest, some studios are exceptionally good at it. 

These are also such agencies that will cost you around $50,000 to hire. 

Instead of hiring the top animation companies who create animations for multibillion-dollar corporations, go for the vendors who know what they are hired for, what they will be doing, and are confident about their suggestions while also listening to your ideas. After all, it is your brand at the end of the day.

The Wrap Up 

Hopefully, you have found all the necessary information about hiring an explainer video company, and we wish that this information will be fruitful for your business in the future. 

If you still have queries and yet looking for an animation company, we present you BuzzFlick – a video animation agency in NYC and an expert in explainer video production. 

Our doors are always open for creative ideas and mind-blowing concepts, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We have some best animation plans for you!