Productivity is one of the important aspects of achieving various goals, but it’s not only about working hard all the time, your efficiency can contribute a lot too. There are various ways to increase your own productivity along with the performance of your employees or your team. And it is definitely a good idea to utilize some productivity software tools to achieve this. 

It doesn’t matter if you work in an office or it’s hybrid/full remote, there are many technological tools that will increase the productivity of each employee and the entire work team as a whole.

With this:  In this article, we will discuss a handful of tools that will give you an upper hand in time management, data security, employee supervision, and general planning. Find the right GPS time tracking app for your needs here!


This private online browser is designed for people who are constantly facing distractions such as countless ads, web pages taking an eternity to load, or social media, for example. It brings together everything your workflow requires in one place. Getting quick access to applications, messengers, and documents that you usually need in the process of work, saves time, and it’s getting much easier to focus on all the things that you should get done.


There are quite a few different tasks that can be overlooked or incorrectly prioritized when it comes to running a business. Asana is a convenient project manager that allows you to stay on top of all the existing tasks, distributing them among employees and setting a priority in their implementation. With this kind of tool, it’s much easier to get things done on time and without any miscommunication issues appearing.

Google Drive

File sharing goes a long way in streamlining your workflow. Using email or messengers can slow down this process and make it insecure. Keep important files safe, access them from any device, and quickly share them with employees with this cloud-based tool. 


Industry-standard conferencing solution that will help you to communicate effectively even if some people work remotely. It’s also a nice way to communicate with clients or contractors when you don’t have time for personal meetings. Many people are aware of this tool, but if you haven’t ever used it, you may not know that even though it’s focused on virtual meetings, it also provides you with features like team chat, shared whiteboard, calls, virtual workspaces and much more, so it may help to significantly optimize the workflow of remote employees and stay in touch with everyone.


Social networks are a great solution to run and promote an online business. If you have multiple accounts on multiple social media, keeping track of each one can be quite time-consuming and confusing at times. Use this tool to easily schedule content and post it on time, even with multiple accounts. Also, you can follow various trends and stay notified about your business, competitors, or any topic that you’re curious about. Take your social media interactions to a whole new level.


A powerful yet simple-to-use task manager with convenient progress tracking that is suitable for companies of any scale. Keeping everything in mind is quite hard, so having all the notes and a nice visual representation makes it easier to keep an eye on all the things that are going on.


Paperwork is one of the most tiring aspects of running a business, and Pandadoc for sure can make things a lot easier with all the tools you may need for digital document management. This cloud-based solution allows you to easily create, share, track, and sign all kinds of documents. The most frequently used documents can be saved as templates and not created from scratch each time. PandaDoc also offers integration with a wide range of third-party software tools like Salesforce, Zoho, Paypal, Google Docs, etc.


Using several unrelated web applications/software tools, since you need separate functions for each of them, you spend a lot of time switching between these applications and synchronizing certain files and data. Using Zapier, a tool that integrates multiple web apps, allows teams to significantly automate their workflows and increase overall productivity and efficiency. Moreover, Zapier provides additional features like sending notifications to employees at specific times to remind them of daily tasks.


A time tracker is an essential tool for keeping an eye on your work team’s time and productivity, faster payroll processing, and your personal productivity monitoring. Remote work introduces a whole new set of challenges, and such tools are vital if you want to keep everything under control.


If you have trouble with time management, then the Calendly tool will be useful for scheduling meetings, quickly adding them to your work schedule, and coordinating them with your partners, clients, and employees. The more actively your business develops, the more difficult it is to streamline various meetings without missing anything important that can affect the results and revenues of the business. 


Evernote is a convenient and fast online digital note-taking application. Keeping digital notes can also increase your productivity, as it will allow you to plan your workflow and manage time better. By keeping notes in digital format, you get the opportunity to synchronize them on different devices and share them. Leave the Notes app on your iPhone for personal use, Evernote is designed with professionals in mind and is available on nearly all platforms while also providing a lot of integration options. Another simple yet powerful tool that you should definitely try out. 


A convenient platform for your work team to communicate and manage multiple projects at once. Using Bitrix24, you get a comfortable digital workspace perfect for effective communication. This platform features many tools for collaborative projects, CRM, HR management, and even a website builder. 


If you ever find yourself trying to find the important email you should respond to as soon as possible digging through a pile of useless messages from various newsletters, salespeople, and spam, this software tool is for you. All the spam and unnecessary messages can detract from the important messages, so it is easy to lose important information in junk emails. SaneBox is an email management service that separates emails into priority levels. Thanks to this software, you can save time by automating the process of separating emails into more important ones and those that can be viewed later.

There are many more tools out there for you to discover, but keep in mind that your personal decisions also are important, and there is no software solution that will make you a better manager or employee. Professional development is something you need to focus on all the time if you want to set impressive goals. But all the software tools listed can help you to find more spare time for self-development. Productivity tools can optimize your workflow by automating routine tasks, effectively distributing the efforts of specialists between tasks, allowing you to make the most of your time and keep your productivity at a high level. The purpose of productivity tools is to help you spend less time doing routine tasks. The main thing, when choosing tools to improve productivity, is to pick them up in the right amount and use them in such a way that they do not interfere with the workflow, but complement it. It is important to be able to use each of the available tools to really increase the productivity of your workflow, but not complicate it.