There’s no denying the challenges that come with investing in current-generation technology. However, it’s no longer a mere option, especially for a new business. After all, they can improve productivity, elevate sales, and open the brand to markets it would otherwise be closed to. More importantly, it enables startups to keep up with more well-established companies and gives them more opportunities to thrive and flourish, even in highly competitive industries. To that end, here are a few technology resolutions that’ll give you an edge over your competitors as a startup.

1. Optimize Your Site

A website isn’t just the digital storefront of a business – it’s also an effective marketing tool. However, despite its importance, many remain poorly optimized. As a result, instead of drawing users in, they push them away. Don’t make the same mistake, and ensure that your online domain is well-sorted. Conduct an audit of all your web pages and make sure that they load quickly and have no errors like dead links. Don’t forget to incorporate web accessibility features like alt text from screen readers and AI voice transcription to keep it compliant with WCAG and ADA guidelines and give the differently-abled the same level of access to your digital content as everyone else.

2. Consider a CRM platform

Anyone who has ever worked with a customer relationship management (CRM) system understands its importance to modern businesses. Beyond the enhanced efficiency it offers through automation, it also provides reliable reporting regarding consumer data and a greater level of personalization with outreach. So if you’re not using a CRM platform yet, you must start now. It will give you a centralized source of all customer data, follow up with prospects, and help you capitalize on more sales opportunities. 

3. Adopt Remote Work Practices 

Everyone knows that the past couple of years has been a time of unprecedented business changes. Thanks to the global pandemic, many companies and enterprises have accepted remote work practices. Due to the increase in productivity brought about by this new approach, it’s likely to continue even after the world gets over COVID-19. Therefore, it makes sense to do the same and begin incorporating software like the G Suite, for example, to ensure that everyone remains connected through chat, video conferencing, and a whole host of productivity applications.

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4. Stay on Top of Cybersecurity

The internet may be an essential component of any successful business, but it also presents its fair share of challenges, specifically with cyber attacks like data breaches and malicious software. For this reason, you must stay on top of cybersecurity and keep your business safe.


Let’s face it – technology drives most, if not all, businesses of today. No matter the industry, it likely plays a critical role in its ability to function and succeed. As such, you must incorporate the best technology into your operations, especially if you’re a startup. Doing so will keep your operations efficient and effective, giving you more opportunities to grow and compete with your rivals.