Do you wonder what is the hype about laptop monitor extenders? Why do people buy portable laptop monitors? Whether you are a businessman or corporate employee, a YouTuber or a gamer, laptop portable monitors are for everyone. It scales up your productivity and speeds up your workflow. Not only this there are so many more benefits of having a laptop monitor. It gives a new edge to your working space, we assure you that you won’t regret buying it.

In this blog, we will discuss all the benefits and the knicks and knacks that you need to consider while shopping for your laptop monitor.

Why Should You Buy a Laptop Portable Monitor?

Every user has their purpose for using the laptop monitor. In case you are still finding reasons to buy a laptop portable monitor, you are at the right place. Let us provide you with the best reasons to buy.

A laptop portable monitor can increase the screen space you are working on, making your workflow more efficient. Well, its use does not just restrict to work purposes. You can use it for entertainment purposes as well. You can watch movies on an extended screen, make it work like your big gaming screen, or edit photos and videos with much more clarity than smaller screen space. 

And the best part, you can do all of this on the go. These portable screens are handy and easy to use while traveling. We recommend you check out DUEX Plus portable laptop monitor which is lightweight, budget-friendly, handy, and available in many color options. Compatible with macOS and Windows, this portable laptop monitor stands out from the rest. 

You can find numerous options in the market but it is important to find the right portable monitor according to your laptop. Refer to the next section to know the features to mind while searching for the right fit for you. 

How to Find the Best Portable Monitor for You?

There are many variants available in portable monitors. You need to research the same as you did to buy your laptop. There are certain aspects that you need to consider while searching for the right laptop portable monitor for you.


You can find 4K resolution monitors that can be pricey. The quality you need depends on your work. If you are purchasing a portable monitor for entertainment purposes or just meetings with clients, you won’t need to buy a very high-quality screen. And, if your work revolves around editing photos or videos you will be needing more clarity on the screen. 

Screen quality thus matters, you need to figure out your purpose and look at what you can get best.


Compatibility or connectivity is the most important feature that you need to look for while shopping. What is the use of a monitor if it is not compatible with the device you want to plug it with? Different monitors have different connectivity ports like HDMI connectivity, USB-C connection, and different cables that need to be used to connect to your laptop screen. 

See what is the best suitable connectivity type for your laptop model and try it.   


If you travel more often, you need to look for a lightweight option that does not make you feel heavy. You can find different variations in weight according to the model.


For portable monitors, size is a key factor. Although many are larger than typical laptop screens, it’s crucial to consider how you’ll use the second screen. Does it serve as a secondary screen for the music you listen to while riding in the car or watch your favorite shows while traveling? For you, smaller sizes and more portable may be preferable. Are you working away from your desk to edit pictures or videos? Then a large (and better quality) screen might be what you need.


It all comes down to your budget. We advise you to search and filter the price range that is suitable for you. Then find products in that range and compare them to one another. In this way, you can get the best according to your budget.

What are the Uses of Laptop Monitors?

You can use laptop monitors for various purposes according to your work. It is not just a mere second screen, there are multiple benefits of using a Laptop monitor. 

Scales Up Productivity

Research shows that people who work on large displays get their work done half the time as people working on small screens. Processing documents is made simpler because you may maximize the available area by opening several windows with relevant media, instructions, or data. The ability to compare two or more distinct files side by side has never been simpler. This is the epitome of multitasking. And a quick fix for the boring process of navigating to and from other documents to find information.

Better Experience with Entertainment

What is wrong with wanting more quality to entertain yourself, right? Entertainment is another common but less useful application for portable monitors. Though screens are now bigger, something is missing while watching a movie or playing a game on a little mobile device. Expanding the screen on a mobile device is a terrific way to have some entertainment while traveling. A portable laptop monitor is a fantastic method to improve mobile viewing experiences and is ideal for road trips, camping, or even as an alternative to in-flight entertainment.

Second Screen for the Editors

It can be tiring to preview every photo and video on the tiny camera screen. Every content creator can connect their device to the laptop monitor to make their workflow smoother and more enjoyable. 

A New Way to Conduct Meetings

If you are someone who regularly sets up meetings with clients, and employees. You can take full benefit of the expanded screen. By increasing the screen space, you can have a much closer view of the members in the meeting. You can either use the second screen to display your presentation as well. Either way, it is ought to bring a positive outcome from your meetings. 

Improved Clarity

Imagine how stressful it can be for your eyesight to stare at a small screen for many hours. The smaller the screen, the more you need to zoom in and focus. A bigger screen eases that pain in the eye by letting you view it appropriately. 

Final Words

We hope that you have found enough reasons now to buy a portable laptop screen. If you are finding ways to transform your workstation,  DUEX Plus portable laptop monitor can be the best addition to serve your purpose. 

Laptop portable monitors are handy and versatile devices that let you enjoy many benefits with a single product than a heavy workstation.

This was a brief overview of some of the factors that make laptop monitors important for many people and why you should consider buying one.

You should consider screen extenders when looking into choices for an additional display for your laptop setup.

This is mostly because of the user-friendly accessibility and convenience they give at half the price a monitor might. Also, more importantly, you need to consider a few points like budget, size, and quality in mind while shopping. We have listed a few things in this blog that you must consider before purchasing the right laptop monitor for you.