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Top 5 Most Popular Online Memory Games

Exercising our minds is just as important as exercising our bodies if we want to stay healthy and sharp even in old age. As we get older, taking care of our memories becomes more important than ever, but it’s also good to make sure you’re training your brain no matter how old you are. Many people stop actively training their memories when they leave school. However, having a sharp and well-trained memory is incredibly important in everyday life. 

Outside of studying in class, there are lots of other techniques and practices you can use to help keep your mind in shape and your memory well organized. Some of those methods include brain stimulators, games, or apps, which, when used every day, have been shown to help keep our minds clear and focused. Our gaming expert Vitoria Oliveira (find out more about her here), has written this article to help you choose a great online memory game. 


Crosswords are the classic mind-bending puzzles that you can get in your daily newspaper. Although newspapers are far less common today, it’s still possible to find crossword puzzles either online or in specially made crossword books. There are lots of great websites offering daily crosswords and crossword challenges, helping you train your mind and your memory.

Each puzzle contains a grid of squares and blank spaces in which the player enters the words based on the clues. Words are written horizontally and vertically, intersecting with one another, and the more words you solve, the easier it becomes as there are fewer spaces to fill. 

Crosswords are one of the best options if you are looking for games to improve memory. You can train your brain to get better at solving puzzles, and this has been shown by numerous studies. AARP is one of the best online crossword sites, offering daily puzzles as well as archives of old puzzles that you can play once you create your account. 


Poker is one of the most popular games in Portuguese casinos. Even though players in a casino play for the thrill of winning, some want to improve their memory. Poker requires strategic thinking, skill, dedication, and practice to master. The poker game can be demanding for your mind with extended periods of concentration and focus. 

Creative and abstract thinking is usually required when you try to figure the hands that your opponent is holding. A Portuguese player must thus pick on the subtle tells and opponent’s body language and translate that into decision making. Players get better as they play more. The good part is that the game is available on most sites reviewed at Casinos Portugal and you can never go wrong. 


Sudoku, like crosswords, is a type of puzzle using a grid that players must fill in to solve. Unlike crosswords, a Sudoku puzzle uses numbers. The origin of this puzzle is Japan, where the name simply means “number place”. In the classic version of the game, the aim is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that every column, row, and sub-grid contains all of the numbers from one to nine. 

The game looks a little complicated at first, but it’s actually very easy to learn, and you don’t need to be a math genius to solve the standard Sudoku puzzles. Where things get trickier is with the different variations of the game, which include larger grids, more numbers, and different rules. These puzzles are more complicated but can be a lot of fun to complete if you’re finding the standard Sudokus too easy. 


Memozer offers free online memory matching games that you can play anytime you like. Unlike old-school crosswords and Sudokus, Memozer offers a huge variety of different games to play, so you’ll always have a new way to train your brain. The site is free to use and allows you to play online or print out your own cards to play with friends.

The games are very simple, and they involve a set of cards, each with a symbol printed on one side. Each card in the set has a pair with an identical symbol, and the cards are laid face down on a table or flat surface. The game is sometimes known as Pairs or the Matching Game and involves the players turning over a card and then turning over a second card to try and match two of the same symbol. If you fail to match, both cards are turned back over, and you need to remember which symbol was where. 


Lumosity is a collection of stimulation online games that have been developed for both adults and children. Scientists put together the games by adapting cognitive training exercises developed by prominent researchers, and they’re designed to be fun as well as effective. These games are popular in Portugal and all over Europe.

You can easily sign up to use this online memory-improving service by creating a free account. Following your registration, you will receive a set of three games based on your age and occupation. The goal of these games is to gradually sharpen the memory by developing focus, skill, attention to detail, and problem-solving ability.

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