Even in ancient times, sages drew attention to the fact that female and male psychology is different. Of course, one cannot single out a person with a truly masculine style of behavior or with a truly feminine one. However, it is possible to single out certain features characteristic of more often representatives of a certain gender. 

Thinking processes

The thinking processes of men and women are different from each other. Men usually think big, are well-versed in space. The man’s thought is more accurate and is subject to the general laws of logical thinking. 

A woman, on the other hand, often thinks completely irrationally from the point of view of logic, relying more on her own feelings and intuition. Man’s thinking is more rational, while woman’s thinking is emotional. Misunderstandings arise from this difference between men and women. However, it is often this difference that makes female thinking more beneficial and useful than male thinking. When it is necessary to think over not only the situation itself but also everything that directly or indirectly concerns it.

Priorities of men and women

The priorities for men and women are different. If for a man career and success are in the first place, then for a woman the creation and preservation of a strong family and the birth of healthy children are of paramount importance. It is because of this difference that misunderstandings often arise, after which women accuse men of heartlessness. And all due to the fact that a man is almost always immersed in thoughts about work, as well as concerns and joys concerning her. And the woman thinks more about ensuring that everyone in the family is well-fed, healthy, that there is order and comfort in the house.

Communication differences

A man and a woman are looking for different things in communication with colleagues and friends. A woman pays more attention to having support in her team or a company of friends, to establish mutual understanding. A man, on the subconscious level, is more focused on being the first and the best. This style of behavior also affects preferences. Usually, men do not like to watch programs and films based on the analysis of feelings and relationships. It is much more interesting to watch a football match, boxing or an adventure movie. A woman, on the other hand, will watch a melodrama or a show with great pleasure, carefully observing the construction of relations between people.

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Dependance on the opinions

The dependence on the opinions of others among representatives of different sexes differs from each other. Men are not so dependent on their environment. That is why they are more often capable of decisive actions. A woman, on the other hand, is more inclined to evaluate her actions, to replay in her head all the possible scenarios for the development of events and her behavior in case of different outcomes of the case, to anticipate the reaction of the people around her.

Sexual activity

Sexual activity differs between men and women. This is directly related to hormonal processes in organisms and to what social roles men and women have been meant to play since ancient times. Nature assigned the man the role of the successor of the family. Therefore, it is very important for him to quickly “flare up” for sexual intercourse. A woman, on the other hand, is aimed at bearing and having children. Therefore, she is looking for a partner more carefully, and more slowly “lights up” with a desire for intimacy.

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Solving problems

Women prefer communication, men like to be “in themselves” more. Even solving problems usually proceeds in the same way: a woman seeks help, advice, and support from friends and relatives. A man withdraws into himself, silently digests everything.

Differences in the psyche

In an emergency, the psyche of a man is more capable of responding quickly and taking action. Women, on the other hand, usually “slow down”, begin to focus their attention on unimportant little things, or are completely lost.

Goals and priorities

For a man, it is important to achieve a goal quickly. A woman is not so impulsive, she knows the art of waiting. The slightest deviations can take a man out of his working rut. A woman, on the other hand, knows how to smoothly adapt to the situation by scrolling different scenarios in advance.

Temperament differences

Temperaments differ in men and women. Men are more characterized by an impulsive type of temperament – choleric. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to belong to the melancholic and sanguine type of temperament. This type of phlegmatic is usually equally characteristic of both men and women.

Emotional differences

Women are more emotionally open than men. It is the ability to express their emotions that distinguishes women from low-emotional men. It is difficult for a woman to restrain her emotions. Often this behavior is due to hormonal processes in the female body on different days of the menstrual cycle. Male behavior and emotional state are more stable.   

So, as mentioned above, men are different from women. However, there are no clear boundaries of distinction. Many of the above masculine traits are also characteristic of some female representatives. And vice versa: some men often have some features of the female psyche.