If you have insights on Content Writing, we want to utilize your Word-Craft and provide you our Platform to showcase it

We at Online geeks love to work with writers, freelancers, guest writers and bloggers who want to write exceptional pieces that are a great fit for our website. So, if you have profound interest in writing for different genres then, no matter whether you have gained any experience yet or not, we have a space for you. In short, if you’re gazing for such a platform that pays you in return for your freelance writing then, your search now, has finally ended here!

For What OnlineGeeks Exist?

Online Geeks exists to— serve all the latest technical news, troubleshooting topics, how-to-guides and everything that can interest the community of technical geeks. 

Why OnlineGeeks Open to Freelance Content Writing Services?

The only reason why we’re open to freelance writing services is to incessantly present a fresh perspective in front of our readers that make them stay connected with us for a longer time than usual. 

How Writing for Us Benefits You?

Our website is growing briskly to become such a technical website that one should look upon to! Therefore, writing for our platform will provide you a significant chance to show your expertise and establish yourself as an expert in the technical field. 

What are OnlineGeeks looking for?

We’re always captivated in discovering vehement writers from a wide range of professional fields to get hitched with our content writing services. So, if you have a sort of passion and interest for writing content then, to be a part of our writer’s team, all you need is to have the potential to showcase your written content in a distinctive and out of the way format that makes a long-lasting impression on our readers mind. Well, for sure, this serves as an opportunity in front of you to broaden your horizon as a writer. Having said that, if you’re interested in writing for us then, our platform would like to definitely welcome you! 

What All OnlineGeeks Publish and in What Categories?

We’ve a team of dedicated and talented professionals, bloggers, writers, and developers who work really hard to make ‘Onlinegeeks Website’ a one sort of platform that let its readers get their hands on a huge variety of topics which fall into the following categories—

  • Email 
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Internet
  • Technology
  • Social Media 
  • YouTube
  • Windows, etc. 

What OnlineGeeks Expect from Our Writers?

To know that, please go through all the below given guidelines and grasp the understanding of how to submit an article that has a good possibility of acceptance.

  • We expect a great level of dedication, hard work, and commitment from you like what our full-time writer’s team has in offering the best and up to date information to all our valuable readers.
  • We have no specific criterion about how an article should be written, you have your own voice, and we value that. So, we expect you to write content in your own style of writing to save our readers from getting their hands on articles of similar style and formats.  
  • We further expect that you make sure whatever you write for Online Geeks should fit in with the tone and vision of our site and what our audience looks for.
  • Above all, we expect your content should be 100% original, creative, informative, useful for our Onlinegeeks readers and should also be able to meet the standard of our platform. 

OnlineGeeks Submission Rules!

  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. So, avoid any sort of plagiarism as we only consider content of 100% original and unique standard. In the same manner, images also that you include in your article should be original and in the [895 & 537] dimensions.
  • There’s no limitation of word-limit format. You can write as many maximum words as you can! However, there’s surely a minimum length requirement of 1000 words that you have to fulfill every time.
  • Next, we’ve a writing rule that says you must showcase the summary of your particular written article and for fulfilling that you should not forget to add a ‘Meta Description’ in around 150-180 characters.
  • In the same manner, we further have a certain rule according to which you must need to include the hyperlink of all the legal and official sources in all those articles that contain any data or statistics.  
  • We will not approve those submitted articles that you have already posted or submitted elsewhere online. Neither, we allow you to do so after submitting your articles to us.
  • Last but not least, we have a ‘No Promotion’ policy. So, we definitely do not give you permission to include any individual or brand endorsement / promotion / link in your written articles. However, in regard to the same, there’s an exception and i.e., we do allow you to add links to your website’s bio in a total of around 2-3 sentences.

OnlineGeeks Publication Procedures!

  • Right after you submit your article to us, we will perform an in-depth analysis of the same and ensure whether it fully adheres to our submission criterion or not! 
  • Next, whether we’ve approved to publish your submitted article or not, we will inform you about its status as early as possible.
  • Well, the moment your article gets published on our website, we’ll be the sole party who reserve the complete right to do last-minute changes or modification to your submitted article, if required before posting the article.

In a Nutshell

To summarize, let’s behold at ‘Step-by-Step Procedure of becoming a Part of Onlinegeeks Freelance-Content Writing Service’ from beginning to end:

Step 1: Start Research using your own sort of techniques.
Step 2: Create interesting, idiosyncratic, engaging and user-friendly Content
Step 3: Send the content to us on or before Deadline
Step 4: Be ready (occasionally) to do re-editing, re-writing and re-framing of Content 
Step 5: Contact us for getting Feedback on your Content
Step 6: Get your pay for your published articles 

Kindly note that all the guest posts are only eligible for ‘one-year’ duration which means after one year of the post being published is over, we can remove the post from our website.

That’s all! Having read what all is written here, if you consider yourself a perfect fit and want to become a freelancer writer for us then, we invite you to apply for our “Write for us” section.  We are eagerly looking forward to your response at “info.onlinegeeks@gmail.com” and we will definitely try to get back to you within 2 or 3 business days!   

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