Winning Rust battles requires a lot of planning and strategy. The threats are too many to count. Players have to face many challenges in a bid to survive. They’ll try to fight off other players, protect themselves from hunger, avoid the wolves and protect their health. 

The threat in this game is too much to face without preparation. There are also the non-player characters using vehicles on the map. So, if you want to win, you must discover the right strategies to fight off the challenges to survive the wilderness. 

That’s why you should head over to for more tools that will help you win. Also, keep reading to grab some of the strategies we share below. 

Strategies to Win Rust 

1. Focus on Your Safety 

Even though there may be teammates to fight along with you, it is very important to protect yourself. Rust offers many ways to die, of which hunger and thirst are part of it. So, don’t worry about the others first or else, you can die out of starvation. 

Also, you need to avoid wolves, radiation, drowning, other players, and even hypothermia. So, this is a game to live and play selfishly. Don’t mind what others are doing but focus on your life. 

2. Stay Away from Crowded Places.

You indeed need to find food, weapons, cloth, and other items. But even at that, still, mind the places you visit. Try not to go near the monuments or spawn areas because many players will search for who to kill and loot. So, avoid those places but check out some spots that players don’t like, such as snowy parts that other players avoid. If you’re afraid of hypothermia, craft clothes earlier to keep warm and stay alive. 

3. Loot and Cook at Night 

If you want to minimize the fights you face, do more things at night. For example, you can wait for other players to loot during the day and start your adventure at night. Also, cooking in the daytime is risky. But you can cook at night. However, the fire may still attract others. So, if you must do so, set up the fire a bit far from your base. That’s how you can see an enemy coming to kill you. Also, it will prevent the enemies from finding and looting your base. 

4. Always Shoot Your Enemy’s Head.

Any time you shoot someone, make sure it’s on the head. Don’t bother shooting them on the knees. Such bullets won’t kill them but just slow them down. Even when the blood comes, the player’s health won’t deplete. So, don’t waste your time and bullet. 

Headshots, on the other hand, bring the enemy down. So, try to practice and master your aiming skills. That way, your shots won’t be wasted. 

5. Avoid Radioactive Locations

Apart from the wild animals, hunger, thirst, cold, or other players, one thing that can kill you is radiation. There are places in the land of Rust that emits such waves that can destroy you. For example, places such as industrial sites or buildings that look abandoned are usually radioactive. 

Another place that has great loot but seriously radioactive is the monuments. In Rust, you will find lots of monuments, both big and small. The big ones are radioactive, while the small ones are not.

Unfortunately, these locations contain good items. That’s why some players usually rush there but die in the process. So, you can be careful a bit more by using protective gear. That way, even if you enter such places, you won’t die. 

6. Get Creative with Storage. 

Every player in Rust is an opportunist. Whenever they come across other player’s loot or items, they pounce and steal them. Likewise, if others find your storage spot or even your base, they’ll attack it for items. So, if you want to protect your precious things, strategize the storage. 

You can build more than one base and share the items amongst them. While building the bases, try not to go overboard. Be more conservative to ensure that enemies won’t notice them. Some people even hide their items in the foundation of the base. 

All these will help you protect what you’ve gathered from other players. Moreover, if the enemies discover one base, you will still have other items on other bases.  


One thing we love about Rust is that players get many activities to perform. You can’t get bored in the game, from searching for food, clothes, weapons to running away from danger. So, if you’re starting or have been playing without winning, use the strategies above to improve your game. Also, grab some external tools to make the game simpler. Finally, don’t forget to hide your loot well and also look out for the wild animals.

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