The key question when picking out a flashlight or headlamp is: should I get rechargeable or alkaline batteries?

Alkaline lights are a good choice in some situations, but they aren’t always appropriate overall. Battery lifespans of rechargeable lithium batteries are longer than those of alkaline batteries. Then they are perfect for a discarded emergency light that has been lying around for years. Please make sure that the alkaline batteries are not in the torch to ensure any possible leaks do not damage the light itself. For those who only use their flashlight or headlamp occasionally, alkaline batteries are a good choice.

We at Suprabeam do not doubt the future of rechargeable lights, as there are so many advantages to rechargeable lights. We, therefore, outlined 5 reasons to choose rechargeable flashlights or headlamps over alkaline ones.

1.  A Higher Lumen Output

The capacity of rechargeable lithium batteries is higher than that of alkaline batteries, and they are best suited for products such as flashlights and headlamps that draw high currents. The higher lumen output can be achieved using the best Rechargeable Flashlight.

2.  Rechargeable Batteries are Cheaper Over Time

There is a price difference between rechargeable flashlights and alkaline headlamps. With time, however, rechargeable lights become cheaper.

Battery expenses for a year would be €109,20 if you switch batteries once a week. Compared to that, charging the S4 rechargeable once a week for a year costs less than €1.

Moreover, the cost of an S4 rechargeable on the Suprabeam webshop is less than that of an alkaline battery yearly.

3.  Stable Light Output

Lithium batteries, used in rechargeable Suprabeam products, deliver constant light output, ensuring product quality at the highest possible level without compromising LED luminous efficiency.

Some manufacturers design their products with electronics that dramatically dim the light to increase the battery life. By using Constant Current Technology, light output and battery life can be controlled to your heart’s content like a Waterproof Smart Watch.

4.  Environment-Friendly

Batteries that are rechargeable last longer, so they are better for the environment. The use of rechargeable batteries, therefore, decreases the number of disposable batteries in the environment.

5. Designed for High Drain Devices Such as Flashlights and Headlamps, Rechargeable Batteries are the Best Choice

The low resistance of lithium batteries makes them perfect for devices that need continuous power sources, like a flashlight or headlamp. A lot of devices, like remote controls, require very little power. Alkaline batteries, however, have a very high inner resistance. The high resistance inside an alkaline battery produces a lot of heat when it is rapidly drained. A flashlight or headlamp with such a design would be less than ideal.

High Drain Devices Benefit from Rechargeable Batteries

One advantage of alkaline batteries is that they can be changed in a matter of seconds, as opposed to the time it takes to charge a rechargeable battery. A fully charged set of replacement batteries or an alternative such as the S-series with Dual Energy Concept can solve this problem. Using Dual Energy Concept, you can use Alkaline batteries instead of rechargeable batteries when the rechargeable batteries are depleted.

While it is up to you to decide between rechargeable and alkaline batteries, we would assert that the rechargeable batteries will give you the best flashlight or headlamp.

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