The glamorous journey to Bollywood begins on the stage of a theatre. The most iconic actors of Bollywood – Prithviraj Kapoor, Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, and so many more have a theatre background. Today, they are actors who every aspiring actor looks up to. If you are still wondering why, you should choose this path for yourself, let us make it clearer to you. Here are the most important reasons why an aspiring actor should choose to join theatre:

#1. Helps You Gain Confidence

Theatre is the most ideal way for you to gain confidence in yourself. You will often be put on the spot to perform a scene or monologue. When these things happen, you realize the importance of being prepared. At first, you might feel uncomfortable and perform a routine that would not be to your best potential. There is no need to worry, as everyone around you is going through the same process. Thus, their push and support no matter how you perform will help you gain confidence in yourself through the process.

#2. It Helps You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

In theatre, you are not restricted to just one genre. Once you start performing regularly, you will be able to explore every emotion of yours in detail. All emotions from love, hate, despair, shame, anger, pity, to sadness will be touched upon during your run in the theatre. You do not have to worry about ruining your career because of a small mistake in a scene. Every day is a new day where you can keep working on yourself. Maybe you made a small mistake today, 4 days down the line, no one will even remember it. This advantage of theatre will enable you to keep exploring new types of roles.

#3. You, Will, Start Enjoying Your Work

In the beginning, going to work and performing in front of a live audience will be an experience you dread. But as time goes by, this will become something you love doing. You enjoy working when you feel comfortable doing something. In theatre, you will start feeling comfortable as you start working more with every passing day. Once this happens, you will not have to worry about a dreadful feeling anymore. You will understand how to let loose which will result in you enjoying every second of your work.

#4. Communication Will Become Easier

With theatre, whether you are performing or not, you will always be communicating with someone else. In the fancy world of Bollywood, this is termed “networking”. And let us tell you this, networking is the key to getting work in this industry. Theatre will train you for this. Whenever you perform, you meet a bunch of new people. Each day involves a lot of communication which will eventually become the easiest task for you. This process will help you a ton in your future of becoming a professional actor.

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