We all know that we are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made people scared about their health and pushed some families towards poverty. However, it is scarier because it has given some freehand to petty thieves and burglars. After all, most government agencies are busy tackling COVID, which is benefitting these criminals. However, a GPS tracker can rescue you from losing your vehicle in theft; it is a must-buy gadget, particularly for two-wheelers. According to some reports, bikes get stolen more than four-wheelers, which is enough to ruin the sleep of motorcycle owners.

When we talk about the bike, the first image that comes to mind is the youngsters driving it passionately, which is true. However, the motorbike is not just a vehicle for youth; it’s a passion and partner for journeys. A GPS tracker for a bike can secure your beloved vehicle with its anti-theft alarm function, which alerts you whenever any suspicious activity is happening with your bike. When someone is close to your heart, you don’t want to lose it, no matter whether it’s a living thing or a non-living thing.

Why is a GPS Tracking Device Necessary?

Here are the five advantages of a bike GPS tracker:

1. Anti-Theft Device:

We have talked about this initially, but here we are going to understand this feature fully. Suppose you go to the office regularly on your motorcycle, but you don’t know that a suspicious person keeps an eye on your vehicle for the past 3-4 days after parking your bike in office parking. One day he decided to steal your two-wheeler, but you have a bike GPS tracker installed in your vehicle, which he doesn’t know so as he tries to unlock your vehicle you get instant alert and reached the parking and you saw the thief running from there, but your vehicle is safe.

2. Over-Speed Alert:

This feature allows you to set a specific speed limit for your vehicle so that whenever your bike exceeds the marked speed limit, you will get a notification on the mobile application. For example, your friend’s motorbike has gone for service, and he has to attend a birthday party of his relative, and for that, he has asked you for a bike, you know he is a rash driver, but as a close friend, you gave your motorbike to him. You’re using a GPS for the bike, so if he crosses that specified speed, you will be notified so that you can ask him over the phone to slow down.

3. Area Marking:

There is a feature in the GPS device for a bike called Geofencing through which you can create a safe zone around a particular area like a home or office. Then, whenever your vehicle enters or exits the area, you will be notified. It is a handy feature for working parents who don’t have time to drop and pick their kids from school and rely on their driver to know the time of entry and exit. However, with the help of bike GPS, you will get notifications whenever your child enters or exits the school area.

4. Vehicle Recovery:

In the first point, we have talked about the alarm which alerts you from theft, suppose despite the anti-theft alarm the thief manages to steal your bike as you reached late in the parking. Should you let the thief take your bike? No way you can track your bike’s location; not only that, there is a function in the bike tracking device named engine lock; through this, you can turn on/off your vehicle’s engine from your mobile anytime.

5. Low-Cost Solution:

Yesterday, I checked the price of some bikes, and I saw numbers like INR 1 Lakh, 2 lakh, and INR 90,000. Of course, seeing these prices, anybody can say that you have to fork out a decent amount of money to buy a motorcycle. But, after checking bikes, I started checking the bike tracker prices and found a GPS tracker device for bikes named One lap Telematics, whose price started from INR 3,000, and I started wondering what is stopping vehicle owners from using this technology in such a small amount.


If you’re buying a quality bike and investing your hard-earned money, then without a second thought, you should go for a GPS tracker for your bike. The article is enough to make people understand that a bike GPS tracker is a must-buy gadget for the vehicle.

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