There are various types of questions that arise in our minds before downloading a Keyboard on android. We indeed use a Keyboard on the phone almost most of the time in a day and if your old default Keyboard is not worth it, then you should try finding a new one that gives you so many features along with smooth functioning and accurate typing. The keyboard should have many qualities such as reliability, speed, smoothness, fast gliding, etc and if your keyboard doesn’t have these good traits then it is time to say goodbye and welcome a new Keyboard on your phone.

There are various types of questions that need to be questioned before you choose the best out of so many of them and we are here for guiding you to the list of questions you need to ask before downloading a Keyboard.

1) Does the Keyboard support AI techniques and strategies?

A good Keyboard always supports functions of AI that make it easy for you to type anything properly and correctly. The AI prediction function is the most mandatory one. A good quality Keyboard always contains AI prediction functions that predict your coming expected words you are going to type that get stored from your past history of typing. It gets easy to type fast when AI prediction is on.

2)  Does the Keyboard have a feature of sending emoticons, Gifs, latest stickers, etc

A good Keyboard always contains a function for sending emoticons, Gifs, and stickers that enhances the experience in sending messages to our friends and family.

3)  Does the Keyboard have the features that support fast typing?

Fast typing features are very important in a keyboard because it enhances the speed of your typing and sending messages. If a keyboard doesn’t support the fast typing features that include voice typing, glide typing, AI prediction, etc then it is not worth your time and energy.

4) Does the Keyboard have the feature of word correction?

This question is very important because it always corrects you when you are typing anything wrong on your Keyboard. It automatically corrects your misspellings and gives accurate results.

5)  Does the Keyboard support your privacy?

Privacy is a big concern for everyone and it should be because nothing is safe during this time. We type our credentials on Keyboards and a keyboard can easily record your passwords and pins. Download a keyboard that assures your passwords and other login details are safe and not being saved.

6)  Does the keyboard have the feature of changing fonts?

A good Keyboard has the feature of changing fonts according to the mood of the user. It always enhances the tone of the conversation and looks impressive too.

7)  Does the keyboard have the option of Translation-

Another very important feature is the translation feature. It gets easy to have a conversation with a person who isn’t familiar with your language and you may not be familiar with his/her language. The feature of translation makes it easy to talk and translate the languages in other languages.These are some of the questions that need to be questioned and the answers should be provided by a good Keyboard. Download Bharat’s Hindi Keyboard to experience the best features and extra added fun

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