Suppose we talk about the website builder for newcomers; then we also have to consider that it should be uncomplicated and user-friendly. It should be fully covered from all aspects in terms of the latest features and tools.

The developer must launch a website builder where either a newcomer or professional can develop their personalized websites quickly. Another considerable thing is, website builders should contain features, standard templates, easy to handle tools, and other useful items. These features can be necessary yet handy for the website builder to create a website. Also, if you want to compare Weebly’s eCommerce features with the eCommerce giant Shopify, then check this comparison between Webbly vs Shopify.

Users usually try to search for the website builder if they want to

  • Start blogging
  • Photography or videography
  • Start an online store for his small enterprise
  • Display his work as an artist
  • Establish small businesses locally

The most attractive feature of Weebly is its functionality. Weebly covers many basic yet practical options to create and develop an eCommerce website or simple blogging website. In this Weebly review, a user can easily get details about Weebly that why it is a strong and convenient website builder. You can get an idea of its acceptability by seeing its number of users. At this moment, almost 30 million users use Weebly for their different business purposes.

Features of Weebly for Users:

  • Weebly develops the website for the users on the same day when they approach the website builder.
  • It offers different pricing policies for the users according to their budget convenience.
  • Weebly has many tools, Standard templates, and features for developing a website easily.
  • Its drag and drop option assists the builder in developing a website according to a user’s requirement.

Weebly Pricing Plans:

Users can choose the following pricing options in this Weebly review:

  • Free Plan: Which is without any charges
  • Personal: 9 dollars monthly and average 72 dollars per annum.
  • Professional: 16 dollars monthly or 144 dollars per annum.
  • Performance: 29 dollars monthly or 312 dollars per annum.

Weebly eCommerce:

An additional feature of Weebly is its eCommerce serviceability. The seller can sell items from the website without switching platforms or any notable use of advanced features. It fits inconveniently and has well-founded features. Weebly charges transaction fees against eCommerce bundles for business plans. Weebly has a shopping cart, necessary inventory management, and a payment acceptance module.

  • Some of the functions a user can do through eCommerce builder are:
  • Accept online payments through credit/debit card or the mobile app using the transaction feature in Square Point.
  • Weebly authorizes the customers to give reviews.
  • Personalize the email formats to remind the customers about many usual things, for example, abandoned carts.
  • A user can also use Stripe or PayPal accounts for online payments; both let the user receive money in 130+ countries.

Weebly Review Conclusion:

Weebly is the perfect option for an all-inclusive website developer. It has great pricing strategies, useful features, standard templates, tools, and a convenient user experience.

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