Want to run a successful business, expand it to global markets, and build a strong community of loyal customers? Of course, you want to. That’s why your audience should be your first priority, and you should know its expectations to meet and even to exceed them.

Most users rely more on the video content when they want to get some new information, to learn new topics, and just to have fun. So, planning your marketing strategy, it will be a perfect idea to include the right videos on your website.

So, you know that your prospective and regular customers want video content, you have some ideas on how to make them really attractive. But do you know how to get the most out of this content? The answer is a video-to-text transcription. We are going to provide you with some amazing tips to make this path easier.

Insert Transcripts for Better SEO 

How should people look for your videos? Search engines don’t see this type of content, but when you use a reliable transcription, things get easier. The text version of your video tells search engines what your episodes are about, so it will help them to understand which people it is catering to.

It would also be a good idea to include English subtitles and captions that boost conversions, shoot up overall views, and skyrocket your brand awareness. This option is amazing for students, parents with sleeping babies, and anyone who prefers to watch, not to listen. 

The interesting fact is that professional transcriptionists really help. For example, Dell told about a 20% increase in clients after adding subtitles to their content. This investment won’t cost you pretty much, but the benefits can be really solid.

Find the Best Way to Transcribe Your Video Content 

Now that you know that video transcription can be incredibly helpful, the only thing you need is to implement this project. Well, there are some working ideas with their pros and cons, and we’ll provide you with all of them:

  • Hire a transcription company. Companies like Transcriberry have profitable plans for different types of customers. You can order an automatic transcription or hire professional human transcribers who will study your requirements and provide you with the best text version possible.
  • Use voice-to-text software. It is a good option when your budget is limited, and you are ready to invest your money. Though AI is very smart, it is still not able to deliver 100% accurate content. So, when you go for this option, you’ll have to edit your document, get rid of mistakes, highlight keywords, etc. 
  • Hire a freelancer. Some people are ready to watch your video and transcribe the recording for you. It is cheap, but you should find a reliable person with appropriate knowledge and skills. Comparing this option to the first one where you hire a company, you deal with a single professional but not with the team of experts where some roles may be shared. 
  • Do it yourself. Undoubtedly, you can transcribe your video yourself. However, this process takes a lot of time and energy, so it would be a better choice to outsource this task to professionals.

Create Content That will Make Your Audience Fall in Love 

It is perfect if you keep search engines on your mind, but you should remember that you’re creating videos for real people, not for machines. That’s why it is not enough to get your content transcribed, and you should also edit it so that people receive the information they are looking for.

For example, when you have a text version of some webinar, it will help you to come up with:

  • blog posts;
  • media articles;
  • social media posts;
  • newsletters;
  • eBooks;
  • partnership posts, etc.

You can edit the text the way you like — adding pictures, photos, infographics, highlighting some paragraphs, including quotes, and so on. You can even make your own memes! Leverage all the opportunities to boost your brand awareness and make people talk about you! Human transcription services are the best choice when you’re creating video content for real people.

Use the Right Keywords

We have already mentioned that you can highlight keywords in your video transcription. How will it help you?

When people are looking for new information, they use specific keywords to find something. For example, they rarely type something like “Tell me please where is the best coffee shop in New York?”, they type “coffee NY”, and that’s it. So, when you’re an owner of a coffee shop, it would be a good idea to write an article with the words “coffee NY” in it.

The same thing works with your video content. It doesn’t matter whether it is a webinar, lecture, stream, broadcast, podcast, and so on. Whatever topics you cover, it is not enough to come up with a catchy headline. Of course, it is important, but you should also include some hooky keywords. So, never post verbatim transcription when your primary goal is to attract more people.

Translate Your Content and Make it Accessible 

To be a successful business these days, you need to be an inclusive business. What does it mean? Take some time to think about your audience: who are these people? Where are they from? What languages do they speak? What are their interests?

If you have a narrow list of prospective customers, it is not easy to go global. You can’t be the best in your sphere when you’re creating videos (which cost you time and money) for a limited audience. So, to grow your company, you need to create inclusive content.  Create subtitles for people who learn English as their second or third language, take care of people with hearing impairments. Post transcripts that are translated into several popular languages, and so on. Ask people to interact with your content, to share their feedback.

If you’re going to run the world with your video marketing strategy, you have to be flexible. Generate new ideas to impress your audience and try all of them to find out what works for you!

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