In this article, we will try to explain the so-called “niches” in a particular industry and touch on the critical problem of self-awareness for students. Regardless of the future career choice, any student should submit multiple writing assignments. It is very complicated for most students, that’s why they use essay writing service for the best results.

Often we hear that they say that recently there have been so many lawyers, economists, and other humanitarians that they are simply not needed by anyone. Such statements are both right and wrong at the same time. Let’s try to figure out what the problem is. The point of view of the supporters of this thesis is extremely clear. 

Yesterday’s students only recently thought that they would work in the accounting department of some enterprise, someone in a bank, or the position of a legal consultant. The trouble is that as a student, a young person does not realize what exactly he will have to do in the future and as a result is faced with the specifics of a niche specialty.

Here is a small example. A young specialist who has been awarded the qualification of a lawyer or an international lawyer by a diploma is offered a job in a design bureau and he conditionally agrees. At the interview, it turns out that you will have to deal with patients. And now the young specialist realizes that at the institute he studied international, criminal, family, land, and the devil knows what other law, but it is patent law that he is barely familiar with. It’s time for our young specialist to test his own worthlessness because he has been studying everything for 5-6 years at once, and in the end, he does not know ANYTHING!

So we have come to the main idea:  

It is Useful to Know in Advance the Field of Activity in Which You Plan to Work!!!

A lawyer, an economist, a psychologist, and a doctor can successfully work in IT, industry, financial institutions, education, and many other places. The main idea is that in the modern world, all spheres of activity penetrate and complement each other. So it turns out that a doctor can successfully work in the software development industry as a consultant or business analyst, and a psychologist or teacher in the human resources department. That is, you can study anywhere and for anyone, but you can work and realize yourself wherever you like.

Anyways, to get a decent education, students need to communicate well with teachers. To be more precise, it is about how a student behaves with a teacher starting from the first minutes of acquaintance and ending with the graduation project.

The student must clearly realize that a lot depends on the relationship with the teacher. The teacher is by no means an army sergeant, but life can spoil decently. So…

What should I do to get acquainted with the teacher? Right! We need to attend the first lecture. It is very important. The student should understand that the first impression is the strongest. Most teachers will definitely remember or mark the people present not only in the attendance log but also in their personal hit parade called “Responsible Student”. In the first lesson, you should definitely prove yourself. Preferably, of course, from the good side. It is not difficult to do this. You just need to follow the teacher’s speech and wait for your chance. It will definitely come! A chance can be an occasion to show basic knowledge of the subject or a simple joke. The main thing here is not to overdo it with humor and witticisms.

“First, people judge by the look.” You should not dress provocatively, vulgarly or untidily, because many teachers are characterized by some conservatism.

Let’s assume that the acquaintance took place, and for the most part, it was successful. Let’s try to outline the tactics of our further actions. First, we will collect information and observe. It is necessary not to listen and look, but to hear and see. By observing habits, we can draw certain conclusions. For example, if a teacher is late for a lecture, then it is almost always possible to … negotiate. You know what I mean, right? If time allows, you can touch on some abstract topic before the beginning or at the end of the class. It is nice to know the teacher’s hobby. In the course of lectures or practical classes, you should show some activity. No one is asking you to rush to the blackboard and solve the equations from Maxwell and Schrodinger. Just ask questions. 

You should never argue with a teacher with foam at the mouth, and even more so in a classroom full of students. The consequences of this can be very negative even if you are right. It will be much better if you explain your vision using the “face to face” method.

Every student has circumstances of force majeure in his life, because of which he can not get to a few classes. Here it is important not to lose the earned authority in the eyes of the teacher by banal transformation into a truant. In such cases, it is necessary to warn the teacher about his absence through a groupmate.

Now briefly about the main thing, i.e. about writing and presenting term papers, tests, and other works that involve at least a little creativity on the part of the student. Here, as always, it is necessary to be active. Bring the plan first, and only then show the finished chapters and subsections. Take the trouble to read what is not written by you or not exactly by you. Be sure to learn the table of contents. Also, if the work is shown in parts, it is not necessary to place links and footnotes in the draft, otherwise, it may be noticeable that the work is not yours.

In the process of preparing for an oral test or exam, show concern, and excitement. Then the teacher will most likely try to cheer you up and calm you down. Just do not overplay it and “turn on the panic”.

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