The E-Commerce Market is picking up quickly. Chances are, whilst you are reading this article, someone out there is listing another product to sell online. The growth of online sales on E-Commerce platforms and websites has been sped up by the COVID-19 pandemic. Finding the product you need from the comfort of your own home, in just a matter of a few clicks has now become an appealing idea to many! Although you can sell anything online as long as it is feasible and legal, there are few categories of products that are more in demand than the rest. A lot of factors determine the demand for a certain product. One of the more primary factors is the need to safely and smartly navigate the pandemic. The recent changes demand newer products that facilitate this new lifestyle. Keeping that in mind, we have identified the 5 top categories of products you can easily sell online.

1. Health and Wellness Products

The pandemic caused major restrictions around communal places. One of the main areas to face the brunt of it was Gyms and Workout Studios. The exercise routines for most people were disrupted. But gradually people turned towards a trend of home workouts. Whilst home workouts are nice and comfortable, they do require that you have your own equipment. Searches for yoga mats and other workout equipment rose significantly. People have started ordering dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, and many other types of workout equipment.

Currently, the demand for products related to home workouts, exercise, supplements, and activewear is great and the supply is gearing up to meet this heightened demand. Therefore, health and wellness products are number 1 in our list of top 5 products to sell online. Yoga is practiced in fitness, but also for relaxation and spiritual wellness of mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Because of this, there are many different types of yoga clothing that can be found online to buy for a variety of occasions. One category is Lululemon’s activewear. Activewear can range from jeans to warm jackets, depending on your personal needs or mood. If you’re looking for long-lasting yoga clothes online look to Brutalbuddhagear offerings which are more durable while still looking chic and trendy.

2. Home Decor Products

If you are surprised to see this, take a look at one of the advertisements you have on Instagram. We’re sure one of them is a home decor product! People have started to redecorate their homes and caused a sudden spike in the demand for relevant products. Dropshippers have also taken a newfound interest in promoting such products. Be it a scented candle, or an exquisite piece of pottery, people are searching for ways to change their surroundings and make them more pleasant. Selling home decor online is something you should definitely consider in 2021!

3. Self Care and Beauty Products

People are more exhausted than ever. With work from home, people are edging towards burnout. To get the edge off and take out personal time for themselves, they are indulging in self-care and with that comes beauty regimens. Sipping an iced tea with a bentonite clay mask on is now trending. And what’s better? It is not gender specific. The male population has specifically taken a lot of interest in self-care practices. The concept of beauty products is not limited to female beauty. A horde of male-centric products has gained popularity as well.

People are now demanding newer and better products. It is also one of the most searched categories in 2021! You can also choose to even start a range of products that tend to the notion of self-care!

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4. Post-Pandemic Products

How can we forget the necessity for COVID-specific products in a post-COVID world? From fancy masks to upgraded face shields that are now more of an accessory than protective gear, people are looking for them all. The pandemic brought a lot of distress, but for some, it also brought along opportunities. Demand for products related to face-wear, sanitization, and protection has gone up significantly.

Similarly, the culture of work from home encouraged people to find products that facilitated work from home. Things like electronic gadgets, desks, laptop trays, etc. are also being purchased more than ever before. Finding your niche amongst a wide variety of options and offering it online can prove to be a great opportunity for you!

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5. Study Materials and Interactive Learning Tools

In the current situation, we all know someone or multiple people who are studying online! Of course, online studies through zoom can be a little ‘too digital’. Whilst most of the physical paperwork has been substituted by online pdf and e-books, the feeling of reading from a textbook has still not gone. It can be boring for kids to continuously sit in front of a screen to try to learn. That is where the need for engaging study materials and interactive learning tools arises.

From Preschool to college, people are looking for ways to make e-learning simpler and more interesting. This is not a temporary market, but an altered approach to education in the longer term and possesses great future potential.


We have identified the top 5 types of products for you to consider selling online.

The categories are broadly selected allowing you to find and sell your choice of product. In the current Ecommerce market, opportunities do not wait, so grab it before it is too late!

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