Do you own a sex doll? Or perhaps you’re looking to buy a sex doll? You may be strung up on the things to try with your love dolls-no doubt, they give so much love, so how do you exploit all the love you’ll be getting from your sex doll? There are many different ways to please yourself and, at the same time, please your love dolls. Sex dolls are no joke these days. They are hyper-realistic and have almost similar skin and features as humans, especially silicone sex dolls. There is also a varied range of sex dolls. Some come as custom sex dolls; you can have one modeled or modified just the way you want it. Some come as big breasts dolls and so on. If you are interested in realistic silicone sex dolls, please be sure to come here to get what you want!

So, what are the things to try with your sex dolls if you’re looking to turn things up the notch? Well, let’s just say, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is pay attention while you continue reading this insightful article with us. In the following paragraphs, you will find things to try with your sex dolls:

Make Her Look Nice!

If you’ve got a woman, then she has probably at some point asked you if she looks good in the dress she has on. Without a doubt, you want your woman to look nice and sexy for you. Well, the same is with your sex doll. Sex dolls for men require that you dress them up sometimes. It might be a themed kind of dressing.

You can go shopping for a collection of outfits that you know turn you on, and your love doll will be more than happy to put them on for you. Dressing up your sex doll gives you a certain kind of sensation. You’d surely want to see a sexy sight before you. So, have you got the same dress on your sex doll all the time? It is time to spice things up. Go get those sexy dresses!


How many role-playing scenes have you cooked up in your head? There are a number of them, right? How many have you had the chance to try out? Probably none. Isn’t that disappointing? Well, with your sex doll, you get to try them all out! You may have been lucky enough to try out some of the role-playing scenes. Regardless, there is definitely more you haven’t had the chance to try out.

The great thing about sex dolls is that you can try out absolutely any role play you have had or are cooking up in your head. Any role-playing desire you have can be played out with your sex doll. Your sex doll never says no. Just imagine all those sex scenes you can play out. You could even imitate one from a sexy movie you have seen countless times. For example, you can try a sexy nurse or a naughty secretary wearing long stockings and high heels. There is an endless possibility!

Have a Fun Time

By fun, we mean something like watching a movie together. Your sex doll is definitely more than just what you bought it for. A sex doll can be your companion. Imagine you sitting alone in front of your TV watching a movie when you could just invite your sex doll to watch it with you (you’d have to carry it, obviously). It could be fun to watch a movie with your sex doll, perhaps on a cold night. Why not spend some quality fun time with your pretty sex doll?

Trying Different Sex Positions

Say you have a book of sexual positions, perhaps like a Kamasutra. You have probably not had the chance to try out maybe even a third of it. That particular sexual position keeps popping up in your mind whenever you think about sex, and there isn’t even a chance that you’d try it out anytime soon. This could be because you have never expressed any such wishes. Usually, this is due to embarrassment or the belief that your partner would not want to attempt it.

There’s no need to be bashful or embarrassed when you own a sex doll. Because a sex doll would never condemn you, you can expect to get pretty much everything you want. The best sex dolls in the market can be positioned whichever way you want.

So, why don’t you whip out that book of sexual positions you’ve been hiding somewhere!? It is time to start banging! And guess what? Your sex doll is always ready!

Fetish Fantasies

We all have at least one sexual fetish of some kind, whether we confess it or not. Many of us will never have the opportunity to explore such sexual proclivities. The most common reason for this is that we are too shy to tell our spouses. It’s also possible that a spouse won’t be fine with you pursuing certain fetishes. This is another interesting thing about owning a sex doll.

Any sexual fetish can be explored with a sex doll. Perhaps you have a foot fetish in mind, or a BDSM, DDLG, and CNC. This may be anything. The number of sexual fetishes you and your sex doll can explore is virtually limitless.

Personalize Your Sex Doll

Other than getting the best sex dolls, you can also acquire custom sex dolls. Custom sex dolls are tweaked or made to fit whatever narrative you want them to be. You can have sex doll experts or have them custom-made at a preferred store. You can even order them online. These sex dolls, on the other hand, are quite expensive. If you have got the money, then it may just be what you are looking for. Certain modifications can even make it so that you enjoy every minute spent with your sex doll.

Take a Shower with Your Doll

Taking a shower with your sex doll is a good way to build some bonds. Most men prefer to take a bath with their sex doll if they plan to have sex with it. Some take it further by making it even more romantic with some music and candles. This is a nice way to prepare for sex with your doll or even have it in the shower.

Sex Doll with Muscular Body

Other than sex dolls for men, there are also sex dolls for women. Some women have always dreamt of being the dominant one during sex-to try out all kinds of sexual supremacy. A good way to give that a go, especially when you have a partner who doesn’t really buy into such fantasies, is with your sex doll. A male sex doll can replace your male companion and you’ll get the same level of sexual enjoyment. That enormous dick will undoubtedly satisfy you in every way.

Take Your Sex Doll On A Date

You can take your sex doll to somewhere romantic, maybe Paris, France. However, before making travel arrangements, double-check that the country permits sex dolls, to not get embarrassed. You are free to play with your doll for as long as you desire. It won’t complain. You can organize a trip to a hillside, go on a picnic, or you could just spend your time in the hotel room on the bed with your sex doll.

Get That Dick to Please You

When it comes to sex, men can get too sensitive and may not be able to satisfy their hyperactive wives the way they would desire. This is where a sex doll comes into play. You can play with the sex dolls for as long as you want. It only stops when you’re tired. Its muscular physique alone can get you dripping wet.

Why Not a Date?

Have you wondered if you could take your sex doll out on a date? Well, many people have been doing this long before you gave thought to it. You can take your sex doll out on a date like you would a real partner. You can even have the restaurant put candles and flowers around your table. Something romantic will make your sex doll’s night. You can do whatever you want with your sex doll. Fun things!

Make Them do Chores

Now, you’d have to have really advanced sex dolls. Technology has made it so that you can interact with your robotic sex doll. You can make them do chores, and if they don’t do it properly, they get a hard spanking. That’s sexy in a way! And perhaps a hard fuck afterward. With a sex doll, there is nothing left to the imagination.


Whatever you choose to try with your sex doll, make sure it is something that brings excitement. There are a lot of sexual fantasies to explore with your doll. There are also a lot of casual things that can boost the bond between you and your sex doll. Why not give these things a try? It will be exciting in a sexy way!