According to the research, the cardboard packaging is lying around at 3.7% which is highly likely to double or triple up by the year 2023. However, it’s pretty evident that brands have various packaging options available irrespective of growth and production scale. To ensure that the cardboard packaging keeps spiking up and dominate the market, it needs to create value and innovate. 

Keep in mind that it’s not only about the products that need protection but it’s must be well-thought for the consumers. The tipping point is that innovation has no apparent shortage when it comes down to the cardboard packaging market and there is an extensive range of trends that are backing this statement. 

It’s pretty evident that the cardboard packaging industry has a rapid growth standard and it’s assisted with digital printing techniques and eCommerce. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the cardboard packaging industry is expanding faster than ever before. The cardboard packaging industry is lending services to businesses as well as individuals around the globe, which is why partnering with packaging specialists like Zenpack, for example, will lead to a well designed strategy from start to finish.

For this reason, there have been studies about providing predictions and insights on the future of cardboard boxes. With this article, we are sharing different key trends that are directly impacting the cardboard packaging industry. All the key trends mentioned in this article are based on observation and technical analysis, so let’s have a look!


The eCommerce sales are increasing and they are likely to increase even more. Only in Europe, there are chances of 20% annual growth when it comes down to the eCommerce trade. As for the global eCommerce businesses, it is likely to gain over $5.5 trillion by the year 2023. That being said, it will have an immense impact on the cardboard and packaging demand. 

In particular, the cardboard industry is representing around 80% of the eCommerce sector demand. Not to forget, the logistics chain has become complicated and is expanding since the eCommerce packages are meant to handle up to 20x responsibility. This simply means that there is a demand for cost-effective and secondary cardboard packaging. 

When it comes down to the company owners, the expectations from the brand owners have been acknowledged by the packaging brands. For instance, the brand owners are demanding the secondary packaging for bearing a positive image into customers’ homes rather than only at the retail stores. It has improved the need for companies to create engaging graphics designs. 

Fit to Product 

When we look at the outcomes of eCommerce, it has given rise to fit-to-product as well as box-on-demand methods since it’s in demand by the eCommerce sellers, such as Amazon and eBay. This method (or may we say trend) is easing the manufacturing and development of custom cardboard boxes according to the original product size (yes, even if the product has an inconsistent shape). 

When it comes down to the consumers, it has created the need for large-sized inventories for the standard boxes that tend to require filler material. For this reason, the FTP platforms have gained immense popularity and the demand for boards and finishing material will increase. That being said, there are several moves that are taking part in improving the market growth. 


Cardboard is increasing in popularity when it comes down to the packaging industry since sustainability has become an important issue across the entire value system. It is pretty easy to recycle cardboard. These factors mean that the popularity of cardboard has also increased when we talk about the EPS foams (the polymer-based designs). 

In addition, albeit light-weighting board has become popular for the proper size and lightweight design as it’s playing an essential role in improving the business niche. In addition, it is perfect for packaging companies that have adopted the logistic systems’ dimensional weight pricing. In some cases, opting for heavy-grade cardboard will have a better impact since it offers additional protection. 

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Advancements in Digital Printing 

With the improvement in the digital printing market, there is an evident growth in process adoption and systems are being designed for addressing the demands of the post-printing industry and it’s also addressing the demand of linear high volumes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that digital printing has delivered a combination of personalization, cost-saving, higher quality standards, and different locations. 

It has created growth opportunities for printers as well as converters. The product companies and brands have identified the opportunities that are associating the customers by technical methods. Not to forget, packaging has become a way of creating a memorable shopping experience, improve marketing, and improve the business, so why not?

Retail Changes

The readymade packaging for retail has been formed for the retailers and is gaining more popularity in Europe. This is highly likely to expand to other parts of the world. That being said, there will be chances of labor-effective solutions. It has become essential for sales purposes when it comes down to discount retailers as well as convenience stores.

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