If you are new to the COD warzone and fail to score high and increase your XP or player stats, you should use the tips mentioned below. These tips will help improve your gaming skills, guide you to explore new techniques for battle, and show you how to make it more rewarding. If you are willing to gain high scores in less time, you can also use warzone hacks to provide advantages over other players in the game.

Meanwhile, always remember that COD warzone rewards you more if you show aggression in your gameplay, instead of waiting for your enemies and killing the last few to be the last man standing. Moreover, if you are always on the move and killing more enemies, it will eventually increase your confidence, motor skills, and a better understanding of the game’s features to use them for your benefit.

Tips for COD Warzone Beginners – Remember These for Ultimate Gameplay

  • You always enter the game with a basic weapon like a Glock, which can be used to start killing your enemies in the air. As you are landing in the game, and if you see a rival landing at the same location, you have to close your parachute to draw your weapon and then open it again for a safe landing.
  • Also, the parachute is infinitely reusable, so you don’t have to be afraid of taking risks like jumping from a cliff or a high building anytime. The parachute will open itself once you are in the air or far away from the ground.
  • Warzone gives you two different ways of revival, even if you are down and out. One way is that your squad pays for your redeployments using the cash they have. The second way is a gunfight in the gulag prison with one or more enemies, and only the winner gets to continue in the game.
  • There are in-game stores that can be visited to buy valuable items for the battle. You can loot cash, or if you already have some, it can be used to buy ammo, gas mask, or anything that you like.

Can You Choose Any Gaming Hack With Your Account?

It could be your worst mistake ever to choose a cheap and unauthentic gaming hack for online gaming because you can get your account or system banned from the server for this. Unfortunately, many cheap hacks and cheat packs are easy to trace for steam or any regulatory firm. And if they detect you for using unfair means, you will be unauthorized to access the server for any more online multiplayer games.

Therefore, you should always go for trusted and professional warzone hacks or any other game hack to play safely and effectively.

Color Codes of Items or Signs on the Map – What Does It Mean?

  • The white circle is the game’s safe zone, and you have to constantly stay inside it to survive. Outside the circle, you will lose health in a matter of seconds and die. It will be contracting slowly in the beginning but gain speed as the match comes to an end.
  • The shopping trolley icon on the map means the in-game stores where you can buy helpful stuff like ammo, attachments, or more.
  • Flags or target icons mark in-game challenges or contracts. You can take the contracts during an early game so that you get plenty of time to gather your squad and accomplish the mission in the middle of the chaos.
  • In the loadouts, you can categorize the items as per their rarity, which the color code can indicate. A white item means common, green means uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic, and orange is legendary. And the rarity of the items also tells the number of attachments that can be used with the weapon to increase its perks.

Learning the Map is the Best Strategy for the Long Run 

It is always worth spending a few of your initial battles exploring the map. You should explore it to look for loadout, safe places, in-game stores, and more. The warzone map is pretty vast, and it has more than 300 points of interest and multiple named zones or landmarks. Once you get familiar with the map, you will have a genuine advantage in your favor.

The warzone hacks can increase your chances even more as they have features like aimbots. If you are unfamiliar with this name, then it is going to change your gaming life forever. Aimbots are used for automatic targeting of your enemies. If you have the aimbot activated, your gun pointer will be pointed in the direction of your enemy if it is in the shooting range. And you can quickly kill them by simply firing in the direction.

Using aimbots, you can kill one after another enemy in a matter of time if they are in your vicinity. Similarly, other features like wallhack can let you see through the walls for your enemy, which makes it easy to track their movement and kill them before they get the chance to escape.

Untraceable Gaming Hacks with Quick Patch and Installation

Some gamers like to share their gameplay with their friends or followers, for which they need to take screenshots of the game or record their screen. If you use any ordinary hack, it would be visible in your screen recordings that you are using some hack or cheat for winning. But with premium hacks, you can easily record or live-stream your gameplay, and nobody would ever know about the hack.Also, a premium warzone hacks provider would give you a quick patch if anything goes wrong and your hack stops working. Furthermore, better cheat codes are quick to install, untraceable by a regulator, and have multiple features to enhance your gameplay. But you have to be careful to make your gameplay look genuine. All in all, COD warzone is among the best multiplayer online shooting game with high graphics, realistic animations, well-written scripts, and much more that you must experience once.

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