More and more marketers these days are making videos as their significant content for content marketing purposes. 

The insane demand for videos is fueling the supply of videos. Due to the high demand for videos, organizations are creating awesome videos by getting in touch with the best animation video company. But if you think that creating appealing animated videos is enough to catch visitors’ eyes and generate sales, then you need to understand that only creating videos is not enough for today’s marketers to set your brand apart from others. You need to know about the current and upcoming trends to get the best outcome from your marketing campaigns. 

Technology is and will Always Be the Primary Disruptor in the Future

You may be thinking, “I’m already using all types of videos like an animated explainer video, talking head video, etc.” However, the things that I’m about to mention are not the same as usual things that you have heard about video marketing

The Whole New Way of Producing Videos

You can find many pieces of free video editing and explainer video software online that make it easier to come up with a decent video. However, many marketers are not utilizing AI-enabled smart cameras yet to their full potential. As per the report, an average American household will have around 13 smart cameras shortly. 

The automated camera technology does the job of boosting the video quality and filming options. Furthermore, modern video editing software can produce numerous versions of the video quickly for testing purposes. 

One can utilize AI-enabled software for the production and identification of highlight reels. Adobe Premiere Pro is working on improving its color-matching feature for generating colors based on the performer’s skin tone consistently throughout frames. 

You can also see how viewers will react to your video by making use of Big Data to decide to create a custom video. Moreover, Magisto is already starting to produce videos based on recently uploaded images and videos. 

The future of video marketing may depend more on how well you can use the technology, and it may even surpass the importance of creativity in video production. 

With the rise in AI technology, you can expect further ease in video production tasks. Keep an eye on various online tools and cameras to make your video production task even more efficient. 

AI Emotional Tracking

The purchase decision of consumers is all based on their emotions. However, the problem with online videos is that it is pretty challenging to know how the viewers are feeling when they are watching the video. The new AI emotional tracking technology that was introduced by YouFirst aims to take away all the guesswork from your campaign. 

The new emotional tracking technology checks the emotional reaction of the viewers throughout the video. It tracks the emotions by asking viewers to turn on the camera while they are watching the video. Furthermore, the AI-enabled tool will also provide you suggestions. After you read the recommendations, you may add your own or act on ideas. 

Focusing on Making Your Viewers Interact with the Videos

Search engines and other video platforms like YouTube, Instagram get more engagement. Also, the viewers love it when they get to interact with the video creators. It is impossible for anyone to be live for 24 hours and only to create live videos. 

Explainer videos are incredibly useful in grabbing users’ attention and increasing the conversion rate. 

One survey found that 98% of the people who watched explainer videos learned something. It shows how even standard explainer videos can impact the minds of the viewers.  

You can add more power to explainer videos making users interact with the video. By adding the elements of interaction to the video, you make it an interactive video. Unlike regular explainer videos, you can create users to click on specific parts of the video to initiate particular actions. For instance, you can make users go to another similar clip by introducing a button in the video. 

The use of interactive videos can convert your passive viewers to active viewers, and it also gives the ability to your viewers to control the flow of the video. The use of interaction can be helpful when you are trying to break down sophisticated concepts. You can expect interactive videos to take off shortly. 

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The Growing Usage and Importance of Augmented Reality

The use of augmented reality is all about augmenting real-world scenes via computer-generated perceptions. You can add any sorts of animated objects to real-world footage for bringing your videos to life. 

Using augmented reality (AR) can give your viewers a completely different experience. Also, it can take your explainer videos to a whole new level. The progress in AR is inevitable, and it could storm into the world of video marketing in the times to come. 

Be Careful When Using AI

Many marketers are not getting the desired results from their campaigns, even after using AI tools. The problem is that many marketers often use too little data or inaccurate data to conclude. You need to have enough accurate data to feed the system for you to get good recommendations via an AI tool. 

Most business owners and marketers are not ahead of the trends. They usually follow what the majority is doing. By capitalizing on newer trends and technologies early on, you can give your company a competitive advantage.

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The Final Say 

The digital marketing landscape changes so frequently that it becomes very difficult for marketers and business owners to keep their brand on the top searches of Google. But all thanks to videos. Using the right video style in the right way will surely help you generate real-time results without breaking the banks. 

For a better-using video marketing strategy, you need to make the best use of technology. If you don’t want to stick your hands in the sand, then you need to understand how technology can help you boost your video marketing strategy effortlessly. 

Hopefully, the above tips will help you to better understand how technology can help you grow your video marketing strategy and boost sales.

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