Spotify has become the Choice of millions of people all over the world. Customers of Spotify belong to all age groups, and since the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, it was been observed that many more people have downloaded this app for entertainment purposes and also to release their own podcast series as well. 

Over the years it has become one of the sources to earn income. Whether we talk about College Societies, influencers, Public Speakers, singers, etc all are using Spotify to increase their talents and to get engagement from their audience. 

But of one of the drawbacks, Spotify is facing is the lack of regional language content.

People nowadays are working from home so music or podcasts always lift their mood up as they are not been able to go out, so people often prefer something soothing in their native language. So to target this problem and to attract more audience Spotify will be available in Hindi and 11 other regional languages this will help them to engage more audience in their app. 

This we going to be an amazing opportunity for the content creator as well as the audience. As they will get all the things in one platter. 

But the problem is that when the new influencer would like to create something but has limited resources may be only a Phone. So how will they be able to create content in regional language? 

In this situation, Apps of Bharat keyboard can be useful where they provide a set of 4 regional language keyboards like Malayalam keyboard

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Here Below listing of some of the amazing features of this app. 

Stylish Fonts

Using different kinds of fonts to present your content can help you make better connect and engage with the audience.  Mostly happiness passing content can be highlighted using some sort of fancy fonts and styles. If you are working on highlighting some sort of important topics then you can use bold style. Now you will get how important a role stylish fonts play in your content creation. Malayalam typing keyboard has an amazing set of stylish Fonts. 

Glide Typing

Malayalam typing keyboard is a relatively new technology, and many people are unaware of it. Glide typing allows you to type long-form text messages without lifting your finger, allowing you to reach the required outcome without wasting a lot of time typing. It will assist you in producing material more quickly. 

Changing the Appearance of the Keyboard

This tool gives a solution for you if you wish to modify the appearance of your keyboard. You may customize the look of your Malayalam typing keyboard by selecting a theme from the Theme library or creating a custom theme. There are also live themes, and as an extra benefit, customers who use the IPL themes will receive live IPL updates on their keyboards. 

Safe to Use

This program is completely secure to use and completely trustworthy when it comes to the privacy and security of its users. As a consequence, over one million people throughout the world have downloaded this app Keyboard.

Translation Tool

The Malayalam typing keyboard has a translation feature that is quite useful for translating English to the Malayalam language, making it suitable for novices as well. It allows you to work quickly without wasting a lot of time typing. 

Speech-to-Text Tool

Typing takes a long time when you’re multitasking, so utilize the speech-to-text option to have anything you say written for you. It will undoubtedly boost your productivity, and having excellent communication will be really advantageous.

User-Friendly App

Malayalam typing keyboard features a user-friendly UI that makes it exceptionally easy to use, as seen by the high amount of downloads, demonstrating its use in making people’s lives simpler and more productive. Because this software is also free, it is a good option for everyone

Over the years, First Mover Advantage has assisted a large number of new influencers, and selecting the correct mix of applications to create your work product is critical.
So, without spending any more time, download the Malayalam typing keyboard app, which will assist you in creating the greatest content in the Malayalam language.

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