If there is one thing that has boomed enormously in the 21st century, it is social media. It has infiltrated so many parts of our everyday life, only showing how important it is to be able to communicate with our friends, even if it is online. SoMe has changed our lives and is now an important part of the world of online games, betting, and gambling.

The social media aspect is now more implemented than ever in apps for betting, to make them more social and interactable. It is creating an innovative gambling experience, and brands are using this to their fullest potential. Let’s take a look at how they do.

Creating a Community

The number one goal with social betting apps is to create a community, letting people watch and bet on matches together. Not only is this a more social way to do it, but it also makes each user feel like they are a part of something bigger.

Betting and gambling, in general, are often associated with playing alone, but with a community that got your back, it is easier to let it be a more enjoyable and social experience. Users can look for a place to bet by following an online betting guide. Here they will be guided towards the best odds and bonuses, plus you can find important information on how to do betting.

How Do They Work?

The sports betting industry is huge, and how the social betting app works and looks is different from one app to another. Some companies are going all in to make the most innovative app and are wealthy enough to do so, others are more standard. Essentially, they act as a way for users to discover and share sports bets, opinions and interact with people within the betting community in the app.

The updates can come in many different ways, in most cases, the social betting apps will keep you engaged during live events by offering live comment feeds for peer-to-peer betting interactions, or as simple as live scores on the events. A general note is that people turn to these apps for tips and advice on where to put their money, with some apps allowing you to follow the pattern of experienced betters. As working, gambling and playing games at home are more widespread during covid, the betting industry is making changes to create an innovative experience for its users.

A Branding Opportunity

As both social media and betting apps are becoming more popular during the lockdown, social betting apps are a huge branding opportunity that should be taken advantage of.
Tools and possibilities within socializing in betting apps are therefore a huge part of the sites’ value creation, and new marketing strategies are very much focusing on these new aspects. We see many users who want to jump on the “social-media-meets-betting-train”. Not only to be a part of the rising phenomenon but also to create a more unique app that differs from the rest and allows for fun and social gambling for its users.

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